Ismail Ghazanfar (Modest and Neotric) 2020

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A business idea arises from creativity and opportunities to choose a safer alternative for people. Mohammed Ismail Ghazanfar initiated the Ghazanfar Group with the mission to provide a better future for people by offering jobs. He didn’t want to furnish just any job, but also develop professional values in his employees to hone their capabilities. It is a blessing when companies do not just expect employees to follow a schedule but want them to learn something. Ghazanfar Group is lucky to have a Founder who looks out for the same.

Job security is one of the biggest fears in today’s fast-pacing world. Mohammed Ismail understands an employee’s need for that and doesn’t want them to feel insecure. His contribution remains towards providing the people working for him a sense of security not just at the company but also for their future. The skill development provided under Mohammed Ismail’s direction is genuine and something that people can take forth in other sectors of their lives as well.

Risk is a method of recognizing alternatives in business, wherein the same cause can open up several profitable motives. A man with such a big plan isn’t free from the failures that come with being a businessman. But his strength lies in balancing every situation, good or bad, as an opportunity to create something new. “I’ve faced small fluctuations, but they have never led me to dead ends.” His approach verifies that no problematic business situation is irreversible.

Mohammed Ismail confirms how it is difficult for a leader to bridge the gap between a business and the consumers, especially when it comes to the private sector industries. He views that the country’s potential lies in linking profitability to management alternatives and effective programs. While it is empowering, it also is an important aspect to consider for an entrepreneur.

Grounded leaders make being an entrepreneur sound like an enthralling responsibility. Mohammed Ismail’s take on leadership is similar on various grounds. “Leadership learning begins where you understand that your attitude must cooperate with the demands of the people.  It is important to understand that we can produce new ideas every day. Seemingly, this is the real condition, which we must accept together with collective power.” He further expresses how it has become challenging to ensure a level of equality when it comes to professional treatment.

That said, the hard-working founder also has a lot of faith in today’s youth. He accepts the generation’s need to attain a higher level of professional expertise through profitable engagements. Mohammed Ismail credits young entrepreneurs for their new-age skill to foster a healthy relationship with the consumers, which reinforces their profits and, consequently, their goals. 

The global lockdown taught people to live differently. But only those who took it as a learning experience found professional success. This dignified leader shares how he learned the significance of maintaining good relationships with people. It certainly makes connecting, facing challenges, and staying together a lot simpler. With this attitude, the Ghazanfar Group were not just able to meet goals but also spread positivity to their team.

Mohammed Ismail appreciates creating deadlines as a powerful professional technique to achieve goals. His experience prompts how deadlines make one responsible and goal-oriented, which is just what a company needs. But the appreciations that come with it boost an employee’s working spirit too.

The Ghazanfar Group’s plans include programs for the betterment of people, even in the future. Under his immaculate headship, he aims to build programs that help the wide network of the public and private sectors. Being the President of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce, Mohammed Ismail implemented some projects for the well-being of the people of Afghan. “We will continue to recycle in any long-term way and through the digitized equilibrium in different enterprises,” he affirms.

Mohammed Ismail Ghazanfar loves nature as much as he loves people. His attempt remains at protecting the environment’s resources by using sustainable methods. “We always try to look for alternative methods to preserve nature’s values.”

A modest and neoteric Mohammed Ismail is a path-breaking leader who leads people with generosity.  

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