James Lamont Dunn 2020

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James Dunn

Mr. Dunn was born on September 14, 1978, in the USA.  He has tried to break the vague and unsustainable rules by opposing spaces that we do not allow to build free opinions.  He has shown with deeds that individual power rests on a professional team and on the social image that creates inspiration in others.

Mr. Dunn started his career as an athlete and is passionate about martial arts.  He has always fought from an early age for the occasional achievement of his organizational ventures.  His life has not been ordinary, but he has fought in different priorities by his engagement in different fields.  At a young age, he had experienced some temporary challenges, guiding his views on the human concept as well as public service.  He has undertaken several project initiatives as a board member and on the long-term plans He has been involved in several missions as a freemason and has offered his support in various social responsibilities in the USA.  He has been part of several important sporting activities as well as a key initiator in support of humanity and the sporting mission.  Mr. Dunn  is already in some of the leading roles of non-governmental organizations related to the boxing management sector, as well as developing activities as a coach by providing voluntary contributions to children passionate about sports. His inspirational role has penetrated organizational meetings to raise funds and has created innovative goals in spreading the word to empower different communities in support of young boxers and their careers. He completed his studies in engineering techniques with high results, where he then used his passion to contribute and get involved in important projects in terms of business relations.  He currently performs in several ventures as vice president of Boxers Unions 0117- 1942 based in the USA, in pursuit of design and alternative opportunities for a safer future for our boxers.

He currently represents his role as secretary of the World Boxing Committee, where during the time of Covid 19 they offered their support and took acceptable measures to cultivate values ​​and principles in the legacy of sports and professional orientation for our youth.  Organizational levels are planned for building the career of our young people, where they will be represented by a significant number of our boxers after the time of the pandemic, in the performances that will take place in the USA.

His contributions to the roles as a former military man, have brought to attention every challenge and experience of a high level of information and structure.  Also in his role as head of marketing, he has influenced his social and business attitude by promoting young talents.  He has noted his success in both engineering and technical support in occasional project-based engagements.  He has also been one of the main initiators as a freemason to strengthen humanitarian activities and to contribute as an independent personality in progressive areas that stimulate and manage to create important alternatives for the future of the people.

He went to Patrick Henry High School where I graduated with a 3.9 GPA. He like to play sports; football, track, and baseball.

Mr. Dunn went into the military for a few years.  Electricity is his main trade. People call him Jack of all trades.

He have been challenged all life and been through many obstacles. He got street knowledge and book knowledge. He enjoy working out, fishing, bowling, and physical athletic activities. He have been a bouncer and security guard in bars and clubs throughout his life, in all different kinds of atmospheres and crowds. He have been in boxing at gyms like Coach ass well.

He consider himself a true man of God .

He was nominated back on December 19, 2019, as NC State Chair for the BMMAFU Boxers Union 0117 and 1942! And this year moved to Vice President of Talent Support which He recruit boxers and managers globally! Mr. Dunn became a boxing promoter in 4 different states this year of 2020! He also just got nominated as Committee Secretary for WGCofB which stands for World General Council of Boxing. He was nominated on January 12, 2020, as A&R and Promoter for 3HP Marketing & Promotions! Which is the brand and label of Troy Edwards he’s the owner he started his brand and built an empire! While he does a lot of soundtracks for movies, music, gospel, and more in the entertainment business, he has his network, and a lot more about to happen.  Mr. Dunn be working on the movie side of the Redemption project! He’s been a great and big help and I’m still learning as I go and I’m going to get better and better and master everything I put my hands on and learn! Mr. Dunn create his BRAND

 Dunn Right Promotions which is a new brand built in the market for the sports management field.  The Founder and Director of the Company is called Mr.  James .L Dunn.  Progress and its initiatives are integrated through very important alternatives in the market in terms of relationships with our young people and their strengthening.  Mr.  Dunn is currently organizing sportswear through the manufacturing company to serve business and marketing as a collaborative quality to penetrate the international market.  Mr.  Dunn has currently given interviews on several American radios and has been published in several magazines such as: Aesthetics, I.Am Magazine, Wealthy Men etc.  The importance and activity of its market in terms of the management field of our young people in boxing as well as one of the main activities contained in the newest Brand which will be extended to several countries of the world through quality and effectiveness.

He want to tell the world to never give up on your goals and dreams and with life, it’s something out there for everyone. Vision yourself and make your dreams come true but you have to make the choice and work for and towards your goal. When you put the effort in and don’t give up god will bless you in mysterious ways. Always put him first no matter what! We’re gonna go through obstacles and challenges but we gotta keep pushing and climbing to the mountain top! I love our world and my people’s prayers to all of us! We are the World!

I want everyone to win and to keep their heads up to the sky and don’t give up cause we all are blessed, James Dunn ‘s message for the World.

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