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Dr. Anila Kaba Bashllari was born in the City of Tirana, the capitol of Albania. She studied economics at University of Tirana, Economic Faculty. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from International Bled School of Management, Slovenia and PhD in Entrepreneurship from University of Tirana. She has hold different top managerial positions working as Advisor to Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation; Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister of Industry and Transport from years 1993 -1996. During that period, she was in charge for legal and enabling environment policies for Small and Medium Enterprises in Albania and Chairwoman for SME Foundation – established with the support of European Union.

For more than 15 years, Anila has worked with International Financial and Human Development Organizations such as UNDP, UNIDO, IFC/World Bank and USAID in different managerial positions, leading teams to support business enabling environment for SMEs, capacity building and access to financial support through diligent business analysis and development.

During these years of continuous education, intensive training and proven results, great opportunities and precious connections, she came to a revelation that although all of the above are important and play an immense role in our lives, what enables a person to succeed is the degree to which a person invests into his/her personal growth and development.

It was year 2003 that initiated her interest in personal development and growth, area that has been deeply explored towards finding the life purpose and meaning, getting into connection to talents and unleashing her feminine power, finding inner harmony and peace and seeking to become the best version of self.

There were not easy years with up and downs but worthy to go through and “reborn” to a new dimension not known before: freedom of being self and accept and love for what she was. Since 2003 she never stopped investing in her personal growth and in 2014 she decided to establish her own business as Coach, Mentor and Trainer in personal development, blending her knowledge and previous professional experience with the tools and techniques for personal development, serving CEOs, top level managers entrepreneurs and individuals to achieve their goals by boosting their energy, find the harmony between work and family by gaining clarity and motivation, increasing productivity by learning how to prioritize and better organize their daily agenda, learning how to tune into their intuition-creativity and problem solving.

She is a certified life coach by Quantum Success Coaching Academy; member of John Maxwell International Team and certified Neurocoach by Executive Program, Loyola Marymount University in California.

She has helped hundreds of people through personal and group coaching using mindfulness, brain evidence-based strategies and holistic approaches to achieve their goals and dreams, live a charged and fulfilled life by raising their awareness, controlling and managing emotions, tuning into creativity and problem solving as well as learning to manage themselves.

She has trained thousands of people on leadership skills, emotional intelligence effective communication,public speaking and presentation skills, developing agrowth mindset and positive attitude to grow faster and farther.

Dr.Anila Kaba Bashllari has also been part of various national and international interviews cited by TV, magazines and newspapers, locally and internationally. She has appeared in various magazines and blogs that have supported her initiatives to help people awake and raise their awareness, grow personally and professionally. She strongly beliefs that the world can change if anyone does change him/herself.

She never stops investing in self and her business in service to other people for better life, achieve success in whatever areas they are talented and drawn to work and she advocates for a high quality of life, which is worth living and remembering. Her passion to motivate, inspire and encourage others to explore their potential and unleash their inner power towards a better life has positioned her as an experienced coach, mentor and trainer, both locally as well as internationally.

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