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Lori McNeil is a 20-year International Educator & Business Coach who get results . She helps entrepreneurs worldwide reach higher levels of success in life and in business than they ever thought possible , while building a true legacy.

Lori has extensive experience teaching all age levels. Her experience includes teaching music at the elementary level , teaching in the prison system , alternative schools , junior high ,high school, circuit and justice court programs , and special community based Continuing Education programs as well as adult learning programs for business professionals.

 Twenty years. Twenty years seems like a long time. In some ways it is, especially in business, as technology advances practically daily. The best ones understand how to stay relevant, and Lori McNeil is one of them. From humble beginnings to a solid career cut from public education to international business coaching, her journey is one to pay attention to.
Recognizing the importance of educating children from elementary through high school, that experience gave her wisdom to expand beyond the traditional classroom into areas where few dare to reach, such as alternative schools, and deeper into those who desperately look for change, that of the prison system. From there she shared her expertise by volunteering her time to develop and implement coaching programs to children and adults across the justice system and into community education and adult learning for business professionals.
This foundation of coaching, teaching, training, and mentoring others allowed Lori to expand her reach and develop her passion for helping and guiding others into areas she never believed possible. After earning both a Masters degree in Business Administration and Education (with emphasis in Curriculum and Instructional Technology), she utilized her experience and training to develop grassroots literary programs used throughout the country earning her a Presidential Service Award for her long term involvement and success. That positioning allowed Lori to optimize her influence raising 3 million dollars and earned her the privilege as an invited guest at the National Celebration of Reading in Washington DC advocating literacy platforms that supported her showcasing her children’s book series entitled “Charlie” written from a child’s viewpoint that inspires children to think deeper, try new skills, build vocabulary, and practice their imagination. Lori’s heart for watching children achieve their dreams doesn’t stop there. She advocates for young entrepreneurial success, having had success at the age of 11 when she opened her first hot dog stand with a bank loan (when you meet Lori, ask her about it).
Nationally and international, Lori works to support causes close to her such as cancer research and our military. A wife and mother, Lori set out on a lifelong dream accomplishing it by being crowned Mrs. Oregon in 2016. Lori makes great strides in coaching entrepreneurs towards their success. This had led to one of her flagship programs… media. Through her book, “Media Secrets Revealed” Lori walks the reader through her five step process that has allowed her to be featured across local, national, and international media outlets, from the mainstream likes of ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, to local shows such as “The Business Doctor.” Undeniably, this opened doors for Lori to grow into a prolific writer being featured across multiple platforms such as She Owns It, Thrive Global, and Medium, to name a few and the honor to co-author a book with Kevin Harrington (the original shark on Shark Tank and pioneer of “As Seen On TV fame).  Lori devotes much of her time inspiring others through speaking, writing, and coaching.

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