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Humanitarianism, Politics, Sport


BUSINESS SECTOR : Humanitarianism, Politics, Economy & Sport

EXPERTISE : Historical power has profound progressive traces of its temporal change.  

Mr. Mario Gryka , This historic name organized everything for fall of communism and  after the 1990s marked a new decade of great influence and entrepreneurship in the business or humanitarian field of which Mr. Gryka lead a great space for converting national and international opportunities.  He  has been acclaimed and has been part of several international conferences and the content of high security as a major method of political development in the country. The nature of the activity among the many pressing directions, at that time of deep institutional disorder, Mr. Gryka ,   After a few years,  came to dominate the space of high security regulations in collaboration with various sectors of the economy, business and politics.  Tragically, in those years where he sacrificed all his potential, energy and courage for a historic mission for the security of the country, his close friend, the leader of Albanian democracy, Mr.  Azem Hajdari was  killed from  the domes of Albanian politics organized by traffickers and skilled killers  with the goal to the preventing them from gaining economic, social, political independence in the country.  Many intellectuals claimed to be resigned to the ideals of democracy but Mr. Gryka never stopped but managed to move forward with his reputation high socio-human.  He then founded a nationwide association called “Azem Hajdari” for innovation, respect for fundamental rights and the source of projecting opportunities for a better future in Albania.  The association founded by Mr. Gryka  has succeeded in demonstrating over 20 years of democracy all the possible experiences in radically changing Albanian laws, international alliances, the role of foreign embassies in the country, security and peace, democracy and important institutional developments.  Mr. Gryka  was recognized as one of the most successful leaders in the field of security, social & political and humanitarian development.  Especially foreign Embassies, our partners on the qualifications and development history that Mr. Gryka showed through his association, As President managed to create all the potential of highly influential organizations in the country. His passions abound in art, philosophy and sports.  In parallel, he pursued his early career as a boxer in the early years of his studies, then studied law.  Parallel evidence of his many social programs has helped hundreds and thousands of people, mainly diaspora immigrants.  Thousands of citizens trusted his influence, which posed a danger for the displacement of the judiciary.  At this point he was forced to leave Albania with his family a few years ago.  On these grounds he followed and directed from Greece all political activities and decided on new changes as a consequence of all competent organizations as alternatives to the Albanian institutions. During his last 10 years abroad, he attended several important conferences as well as international social, humanitarian, security and humanitarian for-profit missions.  He was praised by certain international political structures for his equality and firm resolve as Speakers in various domestic security arrangements. At the same time he developed his passion and profession as a boxing coach.  It had an immediate impact on various international competitions, starting from successful clubs in Greece, Italy, France, Germany.  Synonymous with his awareness he signed the right spaces to make all his necessary contributions in the field of sports as well.  He made a second story by becoming known as a boxing coach through various European newspapers.  The structure of his work depended on all the alternative dimensions of a subject of volunteering and social obligation on young talents by training and balancing their qualities.  Mr. Gryka came to be regarded as one of the best coaches in boxing in Europe, marking another success where his commitment is currently high on various sports clubs, such as the Battling Club Paris & Strasbourg,  France.

Mr. Gryka  lives with his family, which consists of three wonderful children.  His son is a successful Football player in France , his older daughter is very talented and organized at various festivals singing and playing different instruments, while his youngest daughter is a well known ballerina in Albania and abroad.  Education and the results of principled recognition of human values​​have been the focus of Mr. Gryka for all its social predominance as an example to the different generations characterized by the need to hope for an objective that permeates tolerance, love and life motive. Mr.  Gryka has mediated and planned referring to future objectives as a foreseen goal to continue his career in some very concrete initiatives in Albania.  One of them was recently organizing a movement that would bring about major changes in the political crisis in the country, and the nation-wide association “Azem Hajdari” has shown and organized every intelligence program and national security sector to stage major protests in the war against corruption and injustice in any of its options, overlooked and proven to be an indispensable mission even after so many years symbolizing and promising the total eradication of numerous abuses in the name of power.

His association, “Azem Hajdari” founded in the name of justice, on the overthrow of communism and the rise, the founding of democracy in the country, this 30-year-long history, based on all the well-known movements regarding state organs and the important obligations of the creative state in leading the country create all causes in one mission. Social responsibilities and successful political objectives. His parallels in the field of sports, social, humanitarian and political have been honoured with various awards such as: Hero of Democracy, Leader of Democracy, Best Boxing Coach, Honorary Members in various sports clubs and not only.  Leader of national security and other confidential assessments in the service of cooperation with local and international authorities. His qualifications are many in that he is a psychoanalyst and sports analyst encouraging and testing the energy of the youth as a team that has triumphed in the boxing field of the “Battling Club” France. Their well-known sports competitions have prompted the French press to speak of Coach Mario as one of the important personalities, where through political asylum he has moved to spread the spirit of freedom and history wherever he meets highly-qualified expectations in the international arena.  He has recently been part of several important newspapers and French television stations.  Also a famous magazine in India and USA have promoted his personality by calling him a “Rocky II” of the Balkans recognizing his extensive activity in some professional disciplines. He is quite strict and serious, with a distinct authority and independent in training ideas.  Its high responsibility and high quality constitute efficiency at work, on quality and on obligations. In its permanent activity it has an influence on social media, it is very widespread in media relations in Albania, it has high credibility efficiency, it guides and systematizes the most affected topics related to precisely the major changes in the country.  In the public sector, he is very cautious and prioritized, destined and powerful in formulating predictions of specific roles in the national security. Mr. Gryka have such large experience in various fields, of a high quality of inspiration, mentioning the profound sacrifices to protect Albania’s image, national rights, strengthening the economic and social sector, the functioning of the political agenda and the structures of humanitarian shows like  as a result of numerous collaborations in the pursuit of various national and international priorities.

His  specific monitoring of state structures is an important project to preserve the democratic character of progress as a destined role for the great advantages in improving the current situation in Albania.  The opposing forces have created unnecessary implementations, but Mr. Gryka has shown on his experience and determination that non-political codes but on the account of the re-establishment of a democratic system solve the right people to strike a balance by appropriating the success and resolution of deep social problems.  In this start-up, He has been selected from the boards of directors and agreements signed by various allies, civil society  and other non-profit organizations .  

In this respect, his work on the basis of freedom of thought, anti-communist movement and humane attitude guarantees a system changed by coordinated co-operation on confidential projects. The high qualities and standards of management in different sectors, the representation of justice, freedom and educational potential, are predetermined in the form of projects by the nationwide association “Azem Hajdari” lead by Mr.  Mario Gryka. His activities are unstoppable and challenge borders in improving European conditions and standards.  Actually the power of his passion as a trainer is reflected everywhere, fulfilling his human reflection, volunteering and professional dedication to physical activity, which is regarded as an important weapon of social protagonism. Security, peace, youth movements, social energy and political decision-making are Qualities and Objectives of Mr. Mario Gryka.  Could Cites instances where various elite societies have valued the design and dominance of ideas about violence, gender, racial equality, sexual abuse, etc.  These causes, including poverty , have been among the main objectives seen in the protagonism of his national  association  as one of the most accurate and important in the country over a 25-years experience. Personality  of Mr. Mario Gryka defines the integrating power of Albania’s democracy, influenced political relations, the focus of human rights, important objectives, and the guaranteed success of potential developments in business, humanities, sports and economics.


Mario Gryka —— Albania

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