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The President of the Country is to the Nation as a Parent is to his Child!

Sir MILAN KRAJNC’ S MESSAGE : Children are not born with an instruction manual for life, that is, they learn from the example of their parents. Therefore, we can say that example is a natural way of nurturing and guiding. It is the same with the leadership of a country. No matter what the policies and laws of the state are, the nation will always work and live as its leader lives. Therefore, we can say that the best leader is the one who leads the country as he feels and lives. This means that he is honest with himself and the nation will follow him unconditionally.

His Inspirational Story

People know me in the media as a professor at the university, as an advisor to presidents of states and large corporations, and as the author of numerous books on leadership and relationships. Therefore, with this article, I will try to present myself a little differently, and what is not visible is of great importance for the development of the world and peace in the world. I have always fought against violence in all areas. In my work I have found that most of the silent and hidden violence. Especially when leaders act out their psychological complexes on their employees, citizens it doesnt mean they physically abuse them, but they demand something from them to satisfy their ego. Even if outwardly he seems to be kind to them and gives a lot of comfort, this is only an apparent motivation, but in reality it is manipulation. Thats why very early on, as a physicist and later as a psychotherapist, I began to develop a business model of how to lead in such a way that leadership is not manipulation, exploitation  but to lead as naturally as possible, to develop our feelings, to work with colleagues, citizens  develop their potential and create real freedom and democracy.

So, first as a scientist and researcher, I founded a new science: Dynamilogy! Dynamilogy is the active study of "living" processes and phenomena related to human and nature! It is a new branch of science that I formed based on physics, psychology, and economics.

It is decoding of nature’s secrets of a sort. Only if we look at nature, we see that everything is simple, that everything works on its own. And we often say that it would be great if it was like that also in our lives. Let’s examine a diamond as an example. A diamond is made of carbon. But graphite is also made of carbon. The difference between the two is only in the atomic structure. And if we transfer this fact to our economy, how much graphite would we have to sell to get a value that is equal to the value of one sold diamond?

The whole secret is therefore in the right order. The code of nature is the right order. If we compare a business process or a process in personal life with natural processes, we quickly figure out what we are doing wrong. This way we will also quickly come up with a formula for success. All we need to do is to put the process in our personal or business life in the right order.

Then I developed a business leadership model from Dynamilogy. A Dynamic Leadership Model that comes from nature and develops and encourages people to have a positive side. Thus, in a dream, a system for managing the future was created, which will also bring a whole new economy in the future, for which I was also nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics!

That’s why, when I advise world leaders, I make it a priority to help them develop their potential and be as honest as possible. Above all, I am honest with them and do not wrap their advice in fine words and praise. But I also lead in a certain way.

Of course, I don’t just help with words, I also help with actions. As an active member of the Informative Protection Association we help to separate real migrants from those who exploit the system or are even dangerous in the world. On the International Police Association I help the security authorities, especially with their Mental Health. As Knights of Malta, we mainly help in different parts of the world through various charities. Lately, I have moved from being a counselor and a professor mainly to field work solving various conflicts in the world. Thus, I am actively involved in saving the nations of the world that live in no man’s land and deserve their stance or at least autonomy.

My latest and current project is to resolve the status of Western Sahara, specifically the nation that has been waiting for 40 years for a referendum that was agreed upon as part of the UN. However, due to various interests and manipulations, more than 200,000 people are suffering.  Therefore, I have set myself the task of clarifying their status at the highest level next year. I am always on the side of the honest and those who want to fulfill their potential, and that is also the only thing that will save the world.

More about Dr. Milan Krajnc

Prof. Dr. Milan Krajnc is Vessel Captain in Admiralty for North Atlantic Sector of Western Sahara Navy in Associate Professor of Public Management at European Center for Peace and Development, University of Peace est. by UNITED NATIONS, Professor of the Open World Program at Al-Khalifa Business School, Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (FRSA) and Member Of The Board Of Advisors l World Leaders for Mental Health

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