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Welcome to the Cambridge Corporate University Switzerland. 

For over 30 years the University, its institute and college offered quality educational programs for students and professionals worldwide.

Cambridge Corporate University is an international, scholarly, professional organization. The University first unit was founded under the name of Parthenon Innovation Institute in 1983 in Nashville, TN by a talented group of scholars and Professors from leading academic institutions in USA and Europe and headed by the founder of the CPI certification program, the late Professor Harold McAlindon.

Following after with the international expansion of the institute activities it was named the International Institute of Innovation in 1993.

In 2002, Dr. Hossam El-Shazly, the world known figure in business and politics initiated the process of the establishment of the Swiss Head Quarter of the CPI Institute of Graduate Studies which offered international Swiss degrees and programs in various discplines and became the hub of CPI Corporate University following after.

Today the Cambridge Corporate University is a Symbol of excellence in Swiss Education and an official subsiadry of the Giant CPI International Group with activities and programs in more than 19 countries worldwide.

Professor Y-Pierre Pfeifer was elected as the University President in 2010 by the Board of Trustees at the Cambridge Corporate University.


With facilities and offices in Zurich, Chur, Wallis, Glion, Lucerne and Leuk, the University, its institute and college recorded a history as an academic hub and home for innovators around the world. At the CPI institute of Graduate Studies the concept of corporate education was born and disseminated to Europe, North America and MENA. The unique model of learning at CCU, makes the University’s programs available on campus and online and provides the online infrastructure required to educate professionals worldwide. The scenario case-study model developed at the Cambridge Corporate University offers students a unique opportunity to develop a real-life and corporate experience.

The type of education offered at Cambridge Corporate University is a transforming, developmental experience that stimulates intellectual and personal growth by building deep, practical knowledge and fostering sound judgment. The word ‘transforming’ is used here deliberately, as transformation is indeed what happens to our students. When you talk with our alumni, you hear repeatedly how deeply the environment they found at CCU changed them.

Everything about the University – its unique Swiss educational culture, its remarkable faculty who teach with skill and passion, its extraordinary students – works to create an unparalleled environment for learning and growth, the unique model of online lecturing that brings real world experience through leading practicing practitioners from all over the global to students in their international campus. So much of what our alumni remember about their years at CCU is the process of learning and teaching they shared with their classmates – enhancing their ability to listen and think, and developing a deeper understanding of themselves in addition to the distinctive and important task of leadership. All this comes together in the classroom.

At CCU, we believe that education should provide more than knowledge and tools. It should build a foundation for a lifetime of leadership. We believe that innovation is the core concept of tomorrow’s education furthermore we know that diversity and innovation are linked throughout human history. The University is an official subsidiary of the giant CPI International Group with offices, subsidiaries, business and consultants in more than 19 countries worldwide.

More about Dr. Hossam El-Shazly

Prof. Dr. Hossam EL- Shazly is a Distinguished Scholar and Serial Entrepreneur, an Unconventional Strategist and a Disruptive Innovator . He is the President of Cambridge Corporate University , the Fmr. President&CEO of the CPI International Group; an international organization hosts seven companies with activities in corporate education, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, healthcare and blockchain industries and with offices And operation in 19 countries.

DR.EShazly is the chief ,architect of the story of the success of the CPI international group. Growing the firm from a middle size Swiss pharmaceutical company with a small corporate training centre in 2000 to a global giant group with forecasted activities of two billion Swiss France in the year 2016 with a board network of leading industry and business partners around the world.

He is the principle Founder of the Corporate Education Curriculum at Cambridge Philosophy Institute Cambridge Philosophy College and the Cambridge Corporate University with primary focus On the MBA -PIM , (MBA Program with major with Pharmaceutical Industry Management), the Postgraduate Change Management Programs and the Innovation system studies and degrees .

DR.EShazly is the one of known political figures & thought leaders in Egypt. Based on his superior international experience as Strategist & Change expert and Political & Economic adviser he played a significant role in shaping the public opinion after the 25th January revolution 2011. DR.EShazly Is the former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 & 2018 and the former Candidate for the position of the Minister of the International Relations and Strategic Planning.

As a senior Political Analyst an Int’l Expert in Change Management, he regularly appears in known TV-talk-show programs in both Arabic & English languages “.

He has an outstanding record as an international negotiator with first class experience in managing global partnership, running and managing multilevel alliance negotiations with partners, agencies ,distributors and principles in different cultures.

He is author of ground-breaking articles, and publication and a leading authority in his respective field. As a CEO , Senior Scholar, Politician, Board members, Industry Expert and Economic Advisor, he has an immeasurable wealth of real-world expertise. His most recent books, the ‘Art of Managing Change’ was published by MOORE Publishing 2016.

Prof.Dr. Hossam El-ShazlyFormer Presidential Candidate Egypt 2012 & 2018International Political and Economic AdvisorPresident Of Cambridge Corporate UniversityProfessor of Strategic Planning & change Management

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