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The top 100 Australian Professional 2020

Founder and CEO Evacovation, International TenX Speaker, Author, Mentor, Board Member

Rashid khan is well recognized business leader who has been awarded at multiple global platforms for his commercial and social initiatives which has created transformational impact. 

He is a serial entrepreneur who aims to radically transform the current security and emergency solutions industry globally.  He is the founder and CEO for Evacovation Pty Ltd, which is the first ever hybrid app with real-time information feed offering seamless connectivity and information sharing during any emergency. 

The app is powered by a solid online portal which guides the user to follow international best practices and procedures. Furthermore its offers customized solutions serving the entire hierarchy including governments, lawmakers, corporations, SME’s, communities and households. He comes with a solid 20 years of professional experience in security and risk spanning from law enforcement to emergency management and IT database management. His professional achievements have been recognized by law enforcement unit across Australia. His expertise in security and risk is fuelled by his passion to save lives which had a compounding effect leading to the most innovative technology driven and real-time data processing firm Evacovation. 

During his career in NAB Rashid khan has worked closely with different communities to serve the humanity. Rashid has worked for national Australia bank as building emergency manager looking over the 37,000 staff of the bank. He moved to the critical role of police liaison officer due to his attention to detail and analytical skills. Furthermore he has a specialty in retrieving missing persons which is a common problem globally. He has helped recover over 100 missing people. After leaving NAB for Evacovation, Rashid Khan has focused on serving the overall business community by elevating the security and emergency management standards. He has been working closely with fire and safety professionals in order to minimize the limitations identified during multiple occasions in his career. His contributions are being recognized by top industry experts and top tier management in fire rescue and emergency.

He continue to research latest technologies. He has keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Data Mining and Machine learning to apply it in the upcoming versions of Evacovation. His inspiring leadership has taken Evacovation from a national brand to a global company having strategic regional partnership across the world. His vision to serve humanity and structure policy frameworks at a government and corporate level will completely transform the emergency management sector.

He is also fulfilling his social responsibility through awareness videos which have been aired in 26 plus countries across 5 continents. He has been actively imparting knowledge and professional experience by engaging in university lectures and community services. Furthermore, he is author of an upcoming book which aims to create awareness about emergency response management, best practices and his journey of Evacovation. He has also collaborated with Australian and Malaysian media channels wherein he hosts top professionals from across the globe. 

His world famous show is “Let’s talk about solutions’’

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