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Eric Armusik is a world-renowned classical figurative artist who creates dramatic, realistic paintings that reflect the spirit, and passionate storytelling of the old masters. Eric grew up in a small, blighted city where no museums or artistic communities existed – his only artistic solace and inspiration was found in the old Gothic church his family attended on Sunday. Thirsting for inspiration, he spent many hours staring at all the paintings that decorated the ceilings and walls. These powerful figurative narratives impacted Eric deeply and would eventually, be the inspiration that cultivated his prolific career.

As a child and teenager, every artistic pursuit Eric endeavored was self-directed. Though he dreamed of formal training, there was no expendable funds or resources available. When he was accepted into the painting program in college, a whole new and exciting world opened up for him. After a few years of thriving in the demanding curriculum, he was invited to spend an entire semester in Italy studying his favorite artists, Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi. This experience quickly shifted his artistic direction into focus. Though discouraged by his professors to pursue Old Master styled work, his passion for mythological and religious-themed narratives could not be diminished.

Eric understood that classical realist art is not only important, but also necessary to elevate, record and magnify the sublime events in our collected lives. It has the unique ability to encapsulate our brief, but powerful moments for all eternity so we can revisit that elation, passion, or tranquility whenever we desire.  It’s a powerful tool that without the use of words, expresses the deepest, most passionate and emotional aspects of the human experience. Whether it’s a romantic tragedy, a sublime sunset, or the ethereal moment between two passionate lovers, classical realism allows us to bask in that feeling over and over again.  For over 25 years, this passion has inspired, and propelled Eric’s powerful, figurative work.

In September 2016, Eric began his most arduous project to date – painting 40 large 4ft x 5ft panels of Dante’s Inferno with the assistance of renowned Dante scholar, Christopher Kleinhenz.  Dante’s work made an impression on Eric when he was given a copy of the poem as gift when he was a teenager. As an aspiring artist, Eric dreamed of one day doing the epic poem justice through a series of dramatic works. After years of honing his skills, he felt worthy of seeing this elaborate dream come to fruition. Once completed, a comprehensive book of the paintings, along with in-depth narratives by Professor Kleinhenz, will be published. Also, in the works, is an exhibition of the paintings in the United States and Italy. 

Along with his demanding painting schedule, Eric also runs the, Armusik Academy of Classical Arts where he teaches his students the rigorous discipline of classical figurative painting and drawing to artists worldwide. Currently, he has two apprentices, his eldest daughter, Nadija and Marketa Barto who assist him with his challenging schedule.

Eric’s work has been exhibited in the Salmagundi Art Club, the National Arts Club in New York and numerous galleries in the United States and abroad.  His artwork has been featured in such publications as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fine Art Connoisseur, International Art Magazine and Victorian Homes to name a few.

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