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Meet Zondra Evans

Zondra has 40 years of corporate experience and is the Founder, Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of Real Biz Talk with Zondra, on Roku, AmazonFire TV, BizVod and more.  She has been a public speaker for many decades and is a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative, and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills, business development, and personal growth.  Zondra is the Author of “The Power of Investing in You”, a Best Seller on Amazon and she lives out this in every aspect of her life.  This is what lead her to develop her own channel called ZondraTV Network.  The network was designed specifically for small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.  The team at the network is passionate about providing an affordable platform for small businesses to scale and grow their business locally, nationally and globally.  We realize that Small business owners have limited advertising budgets which limits their ability to DREAM BIG!

In case you haven’t been watching, over 29.1 million active accounts – potential viewers are on ROKU only.   Add to that number, AmazonFire TV, AppleTV, ChromeCast and we have a distribution to potentially 150 Million viewers, so that your content has a larger audience potential.  So many business owners believe that social media sites are the only platform to broaden your reach.   The truth is you do need social media, but there is so much more to consider if you are focused on scaling and growing your business. Videos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience.  We’re not talking just infomercials here, we’re talking about compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life on TV.

Many small businesses have felt budget constraints when it comes to public access beyond social media. That’s why ZondraTV Network was created. We began this journey with the end in mind “To help small businesses on limited budgets, DREAM again and make a global impact. We provide a platform for your business to come alive and potentially be accessed by millions globally on a daily basis. We transform your product or service from a one-dimensional commodity in the mind of your target audience into a multi-dimensional solution that they can connect with, that they can imagine using in their own lives, that they can imagine not being able to live without. Video done right can make your business unforgettable. We are passionate about ensuring that small business entrepreneurs have the same advantages as those big corporate players. And now, we have added a geo targeting tool that will allow you to take content created by ZondraTV to the consumer that you are trying to reach.  You will never be able to have 5,000 eyes on your advertisement a month just by attending networking groups.  We work to customize your advertising package so that it reaches your target audience with precision and speed.   If you have been struggling with acquiring the right exposure — Look no further ZondraTV will help you authentically expand your reach to local, national and global markets.

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