Carmelo Caruso & Gianluigi Di Lorenzo 2021

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Welcome back FNAME,

The exclusive KEFA Club reopens its doors and is delighted to welcome you.

We are Carmelo Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo, KEFA’s founders.

Image: Carmelo Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo, founders of the KEFA project.

We promised to tell you something more about ourselves and our solidarity business project and, with this first letter, we truly wish to take that first step forward with you in our story: a journey of inspirations and ambitions, but also of experiences, difficulties that were apparently insurmountable and, of course, values. In the hope that you will decide to follow us to the very end of this path, it would make us extremely happy and proud to be able to look at your wrist and see you serenely wearing our first creation, the Petrus watch.

“We wanted more, for ourselves and for others.”

We imagine that you know the story of Peter, the fisherman chosen by Jesus to become an apostle and, afterwards, the first of the Popes. His decision to leave his fishing nets to pursue a higher purpose inspired us: as simple civil servants we felt blocked, with no way out or opportunities. We wanted more, for ourselves and for others.

This is to tell you that we are not born entrepreneurs and that our project did not arise from the ambition of pure profit, far from it. What inspired us was the desire to create something new, prestigious, and lasting, something that would stand out and make us proud to have finally taken our lives into our own hands. The comparison with Peter seemed inevitable to us: leaving the old for the new to achieve something important, unique and priceless. And so, as Simon became Peter, we, Carmelo and Gianluigi, became KEFA, not coincidentally the Aramaic form of the name for Peter in antiquity.

And we also called our creation, inevitably, Petrus, this time in Latin. It is the cornerstone on which we intend to build a new life, a company and a philosophy. On the other hand, what could be better than a watch to keep track, from this moment forward, of our time in the future?

Well, let’s hope we haven’t bored you with the story of how it all began with us. In the next few days, if you like, we will write to you again, and tell you about the profound meaning of the KEFA brand and logo, our exclusive collaboration with the Vatican and, of course, the watch. Meanwhile, we invite you to visit the KEFA website where, among other things, you can also see all the watch’s technical features.

And remember: joining the exclusive KEFA Club means sharing values and passions. Petrus watch owners will have the opportunity to participate in events organized in exclusive settings, in Italy and in the Vatican, and to take advantage of all the dedicated benefits.

Do bear in mind that the first 200 numbered pieces of Petrus are already available online.

Yours faithfully,

Carmelo Caruso & Gianluigi Di Lorenzo

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