H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani 2021

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H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani

President & Founder – Business Gate

H.E Laila is an inspiring personality who has influenced the transformation of designs on the selective strategy of the international marketing industry.  She has contributed to various campaigns involving the high level of professionalism on social factors, human engagement and providing security of international cooperation in the financial & social sector. The passion of Mrs. Laila has shown the freedom of leadership in different dimensions of human relations as an element of concretizing her success over diplomatic relations. H.E Laila has shown that achievements are a mandatory form to attract the activity of each social category that approves new initiatives in the conduct of the international market.  The pool of power is rooted in the rationale for many proposals that mediate specific programs to stimulate creative market opportunities and unprecedented development on social welfare objectives. Mrs.  Laila remains a strong and contributing voice especially for women as well as a prominent personality in sustainable and effective entrepreneurship.

H.E Laila Rahhal EL Atfani achivements :

President of World Economic Platform

‏International Ambassador of Peace and Tolerance

Secretary General

‏FAAVM Canadian (NGO non profit organization)

President of UYC

‏United Youth Circuit

Vice President of WYS

World youth Summit

Special Advisor to the President of the Arab African Council for Integration and Development / AACID

‏Director of International diplomatic Relations and integration and Development of the Council. (NGO non profit organization)

Vice President of the Voice Magazine

Middle East

Fonder and President Of business Gate
‏International Business Development Opening doors for investors
‏With Global network


We are Business Developer, we connect you to others and help you for trading & franchising, financing.

Vice-President of Diva Production company in USA

‏Head of African affaires and Zone Director and Representative office in Africa and Middle East for the chamber of commerce Brazilian African Moroccan

President of women empowerment and international Relations

‏(non profits association)

Vice President of REFAI

‏(NGO non profit organization)

Director of international Diplomacy Relation ISEF Holding – Switzerland

Head of diplomacy and protocol of WPC

Secretary General of the Asian countries of the Union of Arab intellectuals

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