Simon Oehler

Simon Oehler

Simon Oehler, 47 years young, 7 STAR SIMON, Human Being striving for Excellence

How to build up a golden kingdom? Everything starts with an own inner architecture, which is building up during a lifetime. And how to bring the inner with your outer world in coherence? I will tell you in my story.

I was grow up as an outsider. I dreamed too much and I felt too much. For most of the people, I was too much. And they were against me or I was against me myself. Anyhow, from all the blows and afraid to show myself, I learned how to survive, in a for me as a boy, most of the time, ugly world. By the way, I also found myself ugly.

Nevertheless, I learned how to motivate myself and read plenty of books and started with 20 years to meditate. Also in the work places, I smiled too much I had good vibes and positive attitude with the people I was in contact, maybe also sometimes to hide my own sadness. This was not always appreciated and honored, because there was envy and resentment from others too. They looked at me as I am an alien. It is not easy on this planet, if you are kind of strange.

I fell in love make my career and thought now life really begins. There was a lot of things I did, because I assume that this is the right way to go and during that time it was. A big player in Semiconductor Industry saw my talent and I started to sold big machines for many million dollars in Europe and all around the world. Later I changed to Finance and Prevention Products. I was always very keen to connect the right people with the right products and the right services. Next step I started to work in Health Assurance. Thousands of people open up themselves to talk about their illness and sorrows and their goals and dreams. This was my territory since I was always an empathic listener, motivated and inspired people right away and therefore I was super successful. In addition to that, I had the ability to networking and build partnerships, that’s why I become an Agency Director. With my brilliant people around me we served 20’000 people had a revenue of about 100 Million and had the best client satisfaction and the healthiest ones all over Switzerland in our business.

After flying so high the fall was really deeper than I could ever imagine. I had everything what I wishes for, build up a house, married with the girl I met 20 years ago, 2 healthy kids, I had so much valuable time invested in myself in personal growth, psychological skills, networking and further education. And also help so much people to grow in their higher self and get ahead. And all the time my own music was by my side with my own lyrics. But at the end, nothing of all these, prevent me to lose everything, also my status, the contact to my I guess there where friends.

This was a part of my way I lost the trust in myself, the world around me, in everything what I believed and achieved. There was a deep depression time and I took a time out and hold distance from people who are not good for me. I wanted being for myself to find out who I am in truth, if nothing last, but me and a lot of emptiness. Therefor I leave my country and move with one big luggage to Germany. During I make new friends and start to trust again, in god and me and everything around me started to change slowly. It is and was a long process and it takes really time to rehab from a life style which was trained for many years and not came from my higher self and what my heart soul and mind spoke to me.   

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