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H.E Adnan Al Noorani

H.E Adnan Al Noorani

A personality with inspiring power

The Private Office and a Group of Companies of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi has been established in 2010 and together with H.E Adnan Al Noorani has grown rapidly as one of the most influential organizations in the UAE with connections and guidance surpassing the boundaries of GCC into a well-renowned corporate entity.

H.E Adnan Al Noorani is a personality who stands out for his creative way and ability to orient all types of businesses in a common change, offering the possibility of expanding the criteria in the market.  His excellence has always brought to the attention of the public, the strategy and efficiency of the success, on a broad characteristic basis to attract investors in many countries around the world.  The selective and strict nature of H.E Adnan Al Noorani, has always promoted professional conscience, as a result of human purpose and above all in full commitment to big challenges.  The ideal and objective strength of a diplomatic character holds the priority of a major global change under the signature of His Excellency H.E Adnan Al Noorani.

We understand the Business Landscape of the region

We continuously research the market pursuing promising business ventures in various sectors. The short listed ventures undergo the process of project identification and evaluation.

Once the business plan evaluation phase in concluded and the project has been approved for investments, the business execution phase starts. At this stage, our experienced team provides management consultancy and strategic solutions to ensure a successful market entry and sustainable revenue stream.

On projects which are not within our preferred industry sectors or which do not meet our investment criteria, we still add value by leveraging on our wide network of contacts in the region, where we assist businesses in obtaining strategic and investment partners, hence acting as a catalyst, providing the link between the right people, ideas, knowledge and resources to bring about the strongest possible outcome.

The Letter from the Chairman of the BoardTogether with Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, we have grown into a formidable force across diversified sectors throughout the MENA region.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stated:“We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development.”

Supporting this vision, we invest and partner with entrepreneurial disruptors, companies committed to exploring human ingenuity. If you feel aligned with our mission and want to expand your product or service into the MENA region, we look forward to hearing from you.

With over fifty investments and various partner companies from our 22 international offices, we have developed consistently alongside Dubai, over the last 10 years. Over the past three decades, the United Arab Emirates has transformed its economy, infrastructure, and governmental regulations to become one of the fastest growing international hub linking East with West.

H.E Adnan Al Noorani

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Mauricio Sulaimán Saldivar 2021

Mauricio Sulaimán Saldivar

President of the World Boxing CouncilMauricio was born on December 30, 1969 in Mexico City, Federal District, the youngest son of José Sulaiman Chagnon and Martha Saldivar Morales. Brother of Jose, Lucy, Hector, Fernando and Claudia.
A man passionate about music and sports, who from childhood followed in the footsteps of his father Don Jose Sulaiman, the man who taught him to serve others.
He graduated in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Estado de Mexico.

His academic achievements include two more specialties, a diploma in finance and another in High Responsibility Management by the Association of Presidents from America.

Mauricio was President and CEO of Empresa Controles Gráficas, a manufacturing company with three business divisions: printing, security and digital solutions. In 1992 the WBC appointed Mauricio Director of Public Relations and 1994 he was elected Vice President of the North American Boxing Federation (NABF).
In 2004 he took on the responsibility of Executive Secretary of the World Boxing Council. On February 12, 2014, he was unanimously elected President of the World Boxing Council.

During his time as head of the organization, Mauricio has worked, guided by the multitude of values and principles that his father taught him in more than 38 years at the head of the WBC, including honesty, responsibility, respect, loyalty, solidarity and the invaluable gift of friendship.

Throughout his presidency, Mauricio has created and shaped various initiatives, such as amateur and professional tournaments, active participation in social and reintegration programs, promotion of women’s boxing with the organization of three conventions, monitoring of the “Jose Sulaiman” Fund helping boxers in need, creation of special belts to commemorate classic fights, plus seminars for judges and referees all around the world.

Also and significantly, the creation of the Clean Boxing Program (CBP) in collaboration and cooperation with VADA, which has as its main objective, apart from the tests, to comprehensively educate athletes about the dangers and disadvantages that doping can cause, in addition to the penalties in testing positive for prohibited substances, inside or outside of a competition.
Another important action developed by Mauricio, is full cooperation with the foundation of Pope Francis, Scholas Occurrentes, with the task of serving children in search of a better future, regardless of religion, race or color, through sports, as well as the pardon granted to Jack Johnson, the first African American heavyweight champion, by the President of the United States.

This year has been an exacting challenge for everyone, and sport like many other aspects of daily life, suffered a grievous blow. The COVID-19 Pandemic put everyone’s resilience to the test, but the organization led by Mr. Sulaimán, sought, as has always been the WBC way, to remain active, encourage and to unite the entire boxing family, and since the beginning of the pandemic, he undertook several key actions.

Starting with the “Stay at Home” campaign, later with practices with champions involving fans to add to the #WBCworkout, so we could all safely stay active. Daily talks known as WBC talks in English and Spanish from Monday to Friday, enabling the boxing and sports community to remain connected, entertained and above all active.

Likewise, the organization designed a medical-administrative protocol to return to boxing without fan attendance, so that events could be safely carried out. This document, which led the way, was shared throughout the world and has been very successful in all continents.
Various social responsibility activities were developed by delivering and providing aid to support the boxing community, especially older people who cannot leave their homes.

“Heroes for Humanity” was one of the most important initiatives, as it seeks to recognize and praise those who from different fronts, who selflessly placed themselves in the forefront, by contributing to their communities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, via extraordinary and courageous initiatives and actions.

For this vital purpose, in each country, a hero is recognized with a scale replica of the WBC Mazahua-Otomí belt.
All of these actions have helped tremendously during the pandemic, and being a man who not only leads the most important organization of Boxing, namely the WBC, but is at the forefront of service to others has led Mauricio to win the 2020 National Sports Award in the category of “Promotion, Protection and Impulse,” an award that he will receive on November 20 from the hands of the President of the Mexican Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

It is important to mention and to remember that five years ago, posthumously, Mauricio`s father, Don José Sulaiman was also honored with this recognition, as he was and always will be a promoter and inspirational pioneering leader, who took boxing to another level into the modern era, always prioritizing the health, protection and well being of the boxers.

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H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani 2021

H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani

President & Founder – Business Gate

H.E Laila is an inspiring personality who has influenced the transformation of designs on the selective strategy of the international marketing industry.  She has contributed to various campaigns involving the high level of professionalism on social factors, human engagement and providing security of international cooperation in the financial & social sector. The passion of Mrs. Laila has shown the freedom of leadership in different dimensions of human relations as an element of concretizing her success over diplomatic relations. H.E Laila has shown that achievements are a mandatory form to attract the activity of each social category that approves new initiatives in the conduct of the international market.  The pool of power is rooted in the rationale for many proposals that mediate specific programs to stimulate creative market opportunities and unprecedented development on social welfare objectives. Mrs.  Laila remains a strong and contributing voice especially for women as well as a prominent personality in sustainable and effective entrepreneurship.

H.E Laila Rahhal EL Atfani achivements :

President of World Economic Platform

‏International Ambassador of Peace and Tolerance

Secretary General

‏FAAVM Canadian (NGO non profit organization)

President of UYC

‏United Youth Circuit

Vice President of WYS

World youth Summit

Special Advisor to the President of the Arab African Council for Integration and Development / AACID

‏Director of International diplomatic Relations and integration and Development of the Council. (NGO non profit organization)

Vice President of the Voice Magazine

Middle East

Fonder and President Of business Gate
‏International Business Development Opening doors for investors
‏With Global network


We are Business Developer, we connect you to others and help you for trading & franchising, financing.

Vice-President of Diva Production company in USA

‏Head of African affaires and Zone Director and Representative office in Africa and Middle East for the chamber of commerce Brazilian African Moroccan

President of women empowerment and international Relations

‏(non profits association)

Vice President of REFAI

‏(NGO non profit organization)

Director of international Diplomacy Relation ISEF Holding – Switzerland

Head of diplomacy and protocol of WPC

Secretary General of the Asian countries of the Union of Arab intellectuals

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Daniel Bernard 2021

Daniel Bernard

The inspirational story 

The great German footballer, Franz Beckenbauer, spoke about the unifying power of the sport and how it is the world’s best means of communication. When I read his words not too long ago, I was reminded just how fortunate I am to have had a career focused on the sports industry. Moreover, it made me realize just how fitting it is for me personally, given how communication across diverse cultures is such a key part of my identity.

My mother was born in India to Iraqi parents. My father was born in London to a Polish father and a Russian mother who met in Germany and escaped to England when the Nazis came to power. I grew up in London and moved to Israel in 1999 to marry a woman of Yemenite descent. Diversity lives within me from before I was born and continues to be an integral part of who I am, and I feel that this truth is being further solidified as a clear value through our children.

After working in the sports broadcast industry for a few years, my wife and I founded Redwood International Sports, a company dedicated to a more meaningful exploration into what is happening at any given time on the sports field. We break down the performance of teams and players to gain the truest picture possible about their strengths and weaknesses and deliver data feeds and services that add value to various sectors of the sports industry. From the start, we investigated how we can combine objective data with a subjective layer to gain deeper insights. With the advent of more advanced data technologies over the last few years, these efforts are delightfully ongoing as we understand that there is no end to the exploration of performance analysis, especially in a sport as complex and dynamic as football, which continues to be our primary focus. It has long been clear to me that dealing in questions that are difficult to answer provides us with far greater purpose. “Difficult” is GOOD. From my point of view, I prefer taking on a difficult proposition every single time.

In the last year I have turned my focus to investing in sports technology. These are fascinating times in the world of sports as COVID has pushed us all to rethink the way the industry works. Through the challenges of the pandemic and all the struggles posed to rights holders and sports associations, innovation has been called forward more than ever in order to solve significant problems and help create new and unprecedented ways for sports fans to engage with their passion. As with all crises, we must learn to adapt, to survive and thrive. And we must learn fast!

Through investment in sports and the strategic advisory services I now provide, I continue my journey in a field that is close to my heart, and my gratitude for that knows no bounds. I believe, as with all of our paths, that we must constantly learn, rethink and move forward. I have learnt two key lessons on my personal journey. Firstly, that you must develop your own core values, and base your efforts around them. This will give them a more robust basis from which to surge forward, and they will be based on truth and on who you are. This takes time. Most of us don’t really know what our core values are when we are young, and we must develop them through our experiences and a constant reflection on what it is that makes us tick and what is important to us as individuals. Secondly, that the more we embrace and surround ourselves with diversity, the better we will be. Both as individuals and as a community. Our perception of life is only ever a small tranche of what is true. Through experience, we can widen that tranche, but it will still only ever be a sliver of the whole. By connecting with people of different backgrounds, gender and ethnicity, we can create a fuller understanding, together, of how to create progress for ourselves, for others and for the wider community. This holds true when it comes to business, for social impact and to support global initiatives that I can’t even imagine yet.

I am excited to see what the future holds, and I look forward to being able to play my role, whatever that may be. 

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Arash Dara 2021


Navigating the future

Company Profile 

 Lootah holding is a family-owned conglomerate, deeply rooted in UAE’s culture and heritage with an aspiration to be a center of entrepreneurship.

Born out of the pioneer vision of its founder, Saleh Saeed Lootah, the group ventures into a diversified industry sectors, creating innovative business opportunities. Through its commitment to growth, and a team of ambitious young leaders and innovative minds.

Lootah holding fosters its entrepreneurial culture across key industries from Real Estate, Construction, Islamic Finance, Logistics and E- commerce, Technology, Academic Training, and Healthcare to Interior

Design, with a view of becoming a driving force for the national and regional economic growth.

Group Chief Executive Officer

Arash Dara

Arash is the Group CEO of Lootah Holding, with extensive strategy and leadership experience, bringing over a dozen years of consulting across the energy, FMCG, travel, financial, telecoms, public and health sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Before joining Lootah Holding, he led McKinsey’s Organization Solutions (OrgSolutions) department across the Middle East, helping organizations answer critical questions related to organizational health, performance culture, efficiency and talent.

Prior to that, he spent over a decade at Accenture, establishing and leading a team of high performing strategy consultants specialized in investments and optimization. His passion is towards growing talents, focusing on solid evidence to rewire organizations and driving performance through people.

Arash holds an MBA in Investment and Risk from Imperial College London.

Vision & Mission


Delivering unique customer experiences, combining our heritage with an entrepreneurial spirit to drive progressive growth equally.        


 Implement leading-edge strategy to swiftly build the base for short-term, mid-term and

long-term growth 

Build effective leaders and teams who are obsessed with winning 

Work with diligence and creativity to increase market share and lay the foundation of a large regional company

Set up systems and processes to international standards.

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Gulf Technology System 2021

Gulf Technology System

GTS (Gulf Technology System) is an Israeli company that specializes in integrating Israeli high-tech companies and countries and government bodies in the United Arab Emirates, in light of the new peace agreement and the normalization of relations between the countries.

The peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which is expected to expand to other Gulf states, has in fact opened a window for business and commercial cooperation’s, which may provide fertile ground for the integration of valuable resources.

The Gulf states enjoy a huge natural resource, which is oil, while in Israel there is the human resource – world-class technological brains that gives It the prestigious nickname – ‘Start-Up Nation’.

What we at GTS offer to provide is not a connection between one office or another in the emirates and a particular high-tech company in Israel, we offer a system of the best techno- logical solutions in the world for the future of the Gulf countries

A not-too-distant future in which oil will no longer play a significant role in the world economy and with its decline or disappearance altogether, a new situation will emerge in which all existing money may soon disappear due to the lack of technological systems for living with out the “Black Gold”

These countries must now think about this future and prepare accordingly, also prepare in terms of upgrading all the systems and bringing them into the 21st century, whether it is agriculture in the middle of the desert, or advanced education and health systems, Or even security solutions to help preserve the sovereignty of those countries from foreign threats.

There is a lot of innovation in Israel, but also a huge need for budgets to fund research and development of innovative ideas. What we are proposing is to present to the various government ministries in the countries that have normalized relations with Israel – a series of advanced technological solutions to make the Gulf states advanced and self-sustaining the day after oil.

Also, because we deliver the projects in their entirety, you can also buy these solutions and sell to other countries that need the above promotion, thus producing for the Gulf countries a new industry – the technology project selling industry.

The founder of GTS, Samuel Shay, also heads the Israel-United Arab Emirates Business Forum, whose main goal is to turn the warm political relations between the countries into business ties between Emirates and Israelis.

We provide the creative ideas. We provide the most advanced technologies in the world, and the best minds that haveconceived them. We also provide training to locals who can operate the projects, while reducing dependence on foreign workers.

You provide the funding.

Let’s set out on a common path to securing the future of the United Arab Emirates.


We aim to establish an innovative technological future, which enables every country in the world to implement Israeli technologies in its their own domain, and thus improve and promote the quality of life of its citizenry. We mainly direct our vision to dilapidated, third-world countries in Africa, Asia and South America, while harbouring Israeli technological abilities and Gulf states finding. We feel that this technological and financial collaboration can be extremely effective in establishing new, successful projects, and in opening the door to every country in the world to join us and make use of our technologies for its own needs.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states, we now have the ability to design a new, healing future for planet earth, to successfully tackle the enormous challenges humanity in facing today in the fields of water, agriculture, energy and environmental quality, and to provide nourishment and quality of life to the entire human race.

The New Technological Future

The new technological future which can emerge as a result of the economic collaboration between Israel and the Gulf states is at this point in time extremely promising. In the past, every startup or technological innovations were measured by the future economic promise, and not by their technological present-time added value. Whenever a commercial initiative came to life, everybody wanted to know what its financial value is, but no one really asked about its technological break-through potential. As a result, all the venture capital firms which financed these initiatives always  focused on the startup’s ability to yield them top dollar.

The new collaboration between Israel and the Gulf states presents a different model, whose purpose is to use these new technologies to improve the quality of life in the Gulf, and later – in all other parts of the world, in order to enable technological, social and economic pro- motion and growth.

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Dr. Raphael Nagel 2021

Dr. Raphael Nagel

Founder and Chairman

A renowned Global Investor, Lobbyist, Author, and Philanthropist. General Manager of a multi-award winning Private Equity firm based in Dubai. Financial Services CEO of the Year – UAE 2020

A man of his time, Raphael Nagel is a renowned investor, author, professor, a lobbyist and a philanthropist.

Dr. Nagel grew up in a family where the environment revolves around investments and business.  His late father was an Executive Director in a bank before he set up his own Real Estate Company.

“I’ve always believed that by using economic knowledge I could transform the world into a little better place”, he said.

As a General Manager of Tactical Management, which involved in shared value projects.  He is creating positive economic results by doing ethical and social investments.  Seeing huge opportunities in several sectors around the globe, Dr. Nagel is one of example of humble investors, he built a social housing project in South America and received an agricultural land as payment which has an option to be converted into an urban land.  Working this way, he was able to create social wellbeing for the population and plus, created also a lucrative economic results for his investors.

The first project he had in Dubai was in 2001 but only in 2017 when he finally decided to live and settle in Dubai.  Living in Dubai is extremely amazing, safe and easy. He never had any issues of being a Jew living in this multi-cultural country with diverse beliefs, thanks to the visionary leaders of the land for fostering tolerance in this country. 

Before devoting himself to business and entrepreneurship, Dr. Nagel’s  academic background in Economics and Law has been forged in university centres in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.

His tireless entrepreneurial spirit has led him to chair the Board of The Abrahamic Business Circle, which he founded from the concept inspired by the Abrahamic Family House, a beacon of mutual understanding, harmonious coexistence and peace among people of faith and goodwill.   At the later part, it became a reality just after the signing of the Abraham Accords peace agreement. 

The Abrahamic Business Circle (The Circle) is an innovative global interfaith business dialogue forum based in the United Arab of Emirates.  The Circle is a business organization composed of high-profile level individuals from around the world sharing the same vision and dreams in fostering economic peace through business and trade throughout the region.

The signing of the Abraham Accords Agreement mid of September 2020 in Washington DC between Israel, UAE and Bahrain.  Which was followed after by Morocco and Sudan.  It means that the normalization of the relations between formerly hostile Arab countries and Israel is increasingly taking hold.  Those accords are the building blocks for a lasting pacification of countries which were mired in mutually dislike for most of their past.  However, it is the deep conviction of the founders of The Circle and their members that peace can only thrive if economic prosperity comes along with normalization.

And this is exactly are the mission of The Circle sets in.

·         The Circle aspires to establish a business platform as well as platform for dialogue and exchange of business related views.

·         The Circle wants to stimulate trade and deals among the nations and business leaders involved.

·         The Circle also reaches out to involve other regions like Asia, Africa, Europe and USA since they will truly benefit from peace and prosperity not only in the Middle East region but also from investments in this region.

The organization sponsors business workshops throughout the year where members can meet, mingle, and generate business with each other, as well as an annual conference that will generate massive business opportunities for businessmen looking for potential investments, joint ventures, to buy and sell companies, to raise capital, distribution channel and new clients.

Amongst other relevant activities, he is an active member of the Scientific Committee of the Chair in Security at the Andorra’s Universitat Europea. Additionally, he is the co-founder of a Spanish investment bank specialised on cross-border transactions and debt restructuring. In 2016, he went above and beyond the call of duty to help others and he founded a Charity Trust in order to combat the social exclusion caused by over-indebtedness and give support to basic overall financial education and awareness.

Despite of his many occupations, he found the time to author and edit several books on highly relevant issues such as Economics and Geopolitics. One of his famous and highly acclaimed books is the Turbocapitalism:  the masters of bankcruptcy (Kant Ediciones, Spain-2017). A work in which the author proposes a change to achieve a system that manages to civilize capitalism from personal ethics. The latest book, Riding the Wild Tiger – Covid 19, Challenges and Opportunities.  A contemporary setting of his views and thoughts on how we all can overcome the unknown challenges.  A must-read guide not only for entrepreneurs but also for those avid readers who love joyful books and firmly believe that the amazing world we live in must be constantly rediscovered.Over the years, Mr. Nagel has been an energetic member of various important working groups as well as Senior Advisor to major companies, both within and beyond Europe. Highly reputed as an Independent  Consultant on Economic Policy, throughout his long career he has advised a number of public bodies and Governments all over the world always aiming towards global excellence.

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Carmelo Caruso & Gianluigi Di Lorenzo 2021

Welcome back FNAME,

The exclusive KEFA Club reopens its doors and is delighted to welcome you.

We are Carmelo Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo, KEFA’s founders.

Image: Carmelo Caruso and Gianluigi Di Lorenzo, founders of the KEFA project.

We promised to tell you something more about ourselves and our solidarity business project and, with this first letter, we truly wish to take that first step forward with you in our story: a journey of inspirations and ambitions, but also of experiences, difficulties that were apparently insurmountable and, of course, values. In the hope that you will decide to follow us to the very end of this path, it would make us extremely happy and proud to be able to look at your wrist and see you serenely wearing our first creation, the Petrus watch.

“We wanted more, for ourselves and for others.”

We imagine that you know the story of Peter, the fisherman chosen by Jesus to become an apostle and, afterwards, the first of the Popes. His decision to leave his fishing nets to pursue a higher purpose inspired us: as simple civil servants we felt blocked, with no way out or opportunities. We wanted more, for ourselves and for others.

This is to tell you that we are not born entrepreneurs and that our project did not arise from the ambition of pure profit, far from it. What inspired us was the desire to create something new, prestigious, and lasting, something that would stand out and make us proud to have finally taken our lives into our own hands. The comparison with Peter seemed inevitable to us: leaving the old for the new to achieve something important, unique and priceless. And so, as Simon became Peter, we, Carmelo and Gianluigi, became KEFA, not coincidentally the Aramaic form of the name for Peter in antiquity.

And we also called our creation, inevitably, Petrus, this time in Latin. It is the cornerstone on which we intend to build a new life, a company and a philosophy. On the other hand, what could be better than a watch to keep track, from this moment forward, of our time in the future?

Well, let’s hope we haven’t bored you with the story of how it all began with us. In the next few days, if you like, we will write to you again, and tell you about the profound meaning of the KEFA brand and logo, our exclusive collaboration with the Vatican and, of course, the watch. Meanwhile, we invite you to visit the KEFA website where, among other things, you can also see all the watch’s technical features.

And remember: joining the exclusive KEFA Club means sharing values and passions. Petrus watch owners will have the opportunity to participate in events organized in exclusive settings, in Italy and in the Vatican, and to take advantage of all the dedicated benefits.

Do bear in mind that the first 200 numbered pieces of Petrus are already available online.

Yours faithfully,

Carmelo Caruso & Gianluigi Di Lorenzo


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Olga Mroz 2021

Olga Mroz is Professor and Director Open World and Art Business Program in Al-Khalifa Business School, the Editor and Chief of  AKBS Journal, Autor and Speaker. She is Ambassador “Love & Light for World Peace” and Global Ambassador CEC -Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club. Prof. Olga Mroz, Dame of Honour was born in Russia and she has been living in Germany since 1992.

She graduated in Architecture and Art, has degree in Theater and Music by the Institute of Performing Arts of St. Petersburg. She also holds a degree in Artist Psychology by Art Academy of  Moscow. During more than 15 years she was the director of the Operetta Theater in Russia. After Perestroika she had her own art gallery in the Pushkin Museum.

She used to be a representative of many Russian artists in Europe for many years and now she is dedicated to managing various art projects and organizing art exhibitions of  international artists in Europe. She is focused on cooperation  with the artist on the basis of trust. 

Above all, the focus should be on the artist and his works. She wrote many articles about the expression of art as freedom, experiment and surprise which brings colour to life with a psychological component of happiness in the culture of art. Her moto in life is “If you love what you do, you will be successful”

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James Lamont Dunn 2020

James Dunn

Mr. Dunn was born on September 14, 1978, in the USA.  He has tried to break the vague and unsustainable rules by opposing spaces that we do not allow to build free opinions.  He has shown with deeds that individual power rests on a professional team and on the social image that creates inspiration in others.

Mr. Dunn started his career as an athlete and is passionate about martial arts.  He has always fought from an early age for the occasional achievement of his organizational ventures.  His life has not been ordinary, but he has fought in different priorities by his engagement in different fields.  At a young age, he had experienced some temporary challenges, guiding his views on the human concept as well as public service.  He has undertaken several project initiatives as a board member and on the long-term plans He has been involved in several missions as a freemason and has offered his support in various social responsibilities in the USA.  He has been part of several important sporting activities as well as a key initiator in support of humanity and the sporting mission.  Mr. Dunn  is already in some of the leading roles of non-governmental organizations related to the boxing management sector, as well as developing activities as a coach by providing voluntary contributions to children passionate about sports. His inspirational role has penetrated organizational meetings to raise funds and has created innovative goals in spreading the word to empower different communities in support of young boxers and their careers. He completed his studies in engineering techniques with high results, where he then used his passion to contribute and get involved in important projects in terms of business relations.  He currently performs in several ventures as vice president of Boxers Unions 0117- 1942 based in the USA, in pursuit of design and alternative opportunities for a safer future for our boxers.

He currently represents his role as secretary of the World Boxing Committee, where during the time of Covid 19 they offered their support and took acceptable measures to cultivate values ​​and principles in the legacy of sports and professional orientation for our youth.  Organizational levels are planned for building the career of our young people, where they will be represented by a significant number of our boxers after the time of the pandemic, in the performances that will take place in the USA.

His contributions to the roles as a former military man, have brought to attention every challenge and experience of a high level of information and structure.  Also in his role as head of marketing, he has influenced his social and business attitude by promoting young talents.  He has noted his success in both engineering and technical support in occasional project-based engagements.  He has also been one of the main initiators as a freemason to strengthen humanitarian activities and to contribute as an independent personality in progressive areas that stimulate and manage to create important alternatives for the future of the people.

He went to Patrick Henry High School where I graduated with a 3.9 GPA. He like to play sports; football, track, and baseball.

Mr. Dunn went into the military for a few years.  Electricity is his main trade. People call him Jack of all trades.

He have been challenged all life and been through many obstacles. He got street knowledge and book knowledge. He enjoy working out, fishing, bowling, and physical athletic activities. He have been a bouncer and security guard in bars and clubs throughout his life, in all different kinds of atmospheres and crowds. He have been in boxing at gyms like Coach ass well.

He consider himself a true man of God .

He was nominated back on December 19, 2019, as NC State Chair for the BMMAFU Boxers Union 0117 and 1942! And this year moved to Vice President of Talent Support which He recruit boxers and managers globally! Mr. Dunn became a boxing promoter in 4 different states this year of 2020! He also just got nominated as Committee Secretary for WGCofB which stands for World General Council of Boxing. He was nominated on January 12, 2020, as A&R and Promoter for 3HP Marketing & Promotions! Which is the brand and label of Troy Edwards he’s the owner he started his brand and built an empire! While he does a lot of soundtracks for movies, music, gospel, and more in the entertainment business, he has his network, and a lot more about to happen.  Mr. Dunn be working on the movie side of the Redemption project! He’s been a great and big help and I’m still learning as I go and I’m going to get better and better and master everything I put my hands on and learn! Mr. Dunn create his BRAND

 Dunn Right Promotions which is a new brand built in the market for the sports management field.  The Founder and Director of the Company is called Mr.  James .L Dunn.  Progress and its initiatives are integrated through very important alternatives in the market in terms of relationships with our young people and their strengthening.  Mr.  Dunn is currently organizing sportswear through the manufacturing company to serve business and marketing as a collaborative quality to penetrate the international market.  Mr.  Dunn has currently given interviews on several American radios and has been published in several magazines such as: Aesthetics, I.Am Magazine, Wealthy Men etc.  The importance and activity of its market in terms of the management field of our young people in boxing as well as one of the main activities contained in the newest Brand which will be extended to several countries of the world through quality and effectiveness.

He want to tell the world to never give up on your goals and dreams and with life, it’s something out there for everyone. Vision yourself and make your dreams come true but you have to make the choice and work for and towards your goal. When you put the effort in and don’t give up god will bless you in mysterious ways. Always put him first no matter what! We’re gonna go through obstacles and challenges but we gotta keep pushing and climbing to the mountain top! I love our world and my people’s prayers to all of us! We are the World!

I want everyone to win and to keep their heads up to the sky and don’t give up cause we all are blessed, James Dunn ‘s message for the World.