The Hoinser Media Group is largest media house that operates in various advertising industries with a wide range of possibilities. Currently Hoinser Media Group operates in 150 countries around the world with a great mission to support all entrepreneurs anywhere in the world in fulfilling their sophisticated goals in the market.

The key objective is to create and support all aspiring millennial’s, startups, entrepreneurs, business establishments, professional leaders, etc to participate which shall in return strengthen economic growth by creating an ecosystem that leads to cross border collaboration and initiatives between investors, stakeholders, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurial support organizations.

We produce Hoinser International Books, with a wide impact on the public as well as Prestigious Magazines through a selected elite audience. Also our focus is on specifying special editions from time to time, through TOP Personalities selected by our team and we offer the selection category of Hoinser Awards, based on founding achievements according to the unique standard in the market. Depending on the basic factors for increasing our media presence, we conceive honorable representations through certificates in the lifetime and creative role of our global partners.

Hoinser Vision:

Hoinser’s vision invites you all as a family, in the quality of life and the power of thought, offering independence as an act of change in the life of each of us. The obligatory competition of thought, needs a door that opens without doubts and without conditions in the cultivation enterprise of human activity. Hoinser Media Group has thought for all of you to believe in your future through the power of education and culture, the achievable model of success with the power of your personality and achievements.

Hoinser Mission :

Provide maximum value to all our shareholders whilst helping our esteemed potential members, Business Leaders, Key-note Speakers, Ambassadors, Industrialist and connect them by Networking, Leveraging, and Branding to the world’s professionals and make them more productive and successful by achieving new set standards of Excellence. 

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  1. Vera Thomas
    5 Oct 2021

    What an honor to be contacted by Denisa herself!!!

  2. 5 Jan 2023

    I am incredibly grateful for all of the members of the prestigious Hoinser Group. True professional excellence.

    Thank you H. E Denisa Gokovi for your exceptional leadership and overall outstanding brilliance towards the greatest positive impacts for humanity.


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