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You have helped to establish strong business relationships and investments between Europe and Kazakhstan. Please share your background. 

KSBC was the official partner of the World Expo 2017 in Astana, every year we are special guests of the Astana Economic Forum, and the Global Investment Round table. We have received numerous international awards and recognitions at KSBC for our successful work fostering market expansion, promoting strategic partnerships, and driving investment. We are proud today that KSBC today is the representative office of the national company of the government of Kazakhstan for investments in Central and South-Eastern Europe. Our success is evident in the number of members of the KSBC, which has been constantly growing since its establishment.Initially, club members hailed from only two countries, today, however, we can boast that members, who are successful export companies, come from 20+ different countries.

2020 has been a turbulent year, how have you pivoted during the pandemic ?I have to agree with you that 2020 has been extremely turbulent so far. We can only hope that the situation will calm down to some extent and that global markets will stabilize. But it is as it is, so we have to adapt to the situation and pivot away from the way things used to bed one, because the world will definitely not return to the way we used to know. In light of this,we have been forced to make a number of critical business moves that may seem strange in the short term but will have positive effects, in the long run, leading to a quicker recovery and greater long-term resiliency. For us, international travel has been canceled, as the current epidemiological situation is not yet that we can travel safely. As the head of an organization that prioritizes international missions, we depend on face-to-face meetings, presentations, and even face-to-face lobbying for a certain project, complicated by the fact that we can’t travel, which makes the volatile business environment of 2020 seem like a disaster, however, it can actually be an opportunity for new projects, partnerships, and successes. 2020 will be a year of lost business. By no means does this mean that this will also be a year of lost opportunities. As we create opportunities for ourselves, so it is vitally important that we build networks, friendships,connect and, whenever possible, take advantage of the opportunities of the globalized and digital market. It is important that we have friends, that we belong to something – clubs or organizations, that we grow experientially and entrepreneurially, and that we have access toopportunities.

You are the Chairman of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. What do you enjoy most about Entrepreneurship?

It is a great honor for me to have been entrusted with the mandate to lead the Global Chamber of Business Leaders at the beginning of this year. Little did we know at that time how disruptive and transformational this year would become! GCBL is an exceptional global organization with an extensive network of friends and partners from around the world. Transformation is important in these complex times, when the world, and with it the world economy and entrepreneurship, is facing completely new circumstances that require extreme ingenuity in many segments of the economy. Of course, this is not an easy period to serve in such a demanding role as leading a Global Organization whose main goal is to care for the welfare of the economy and connect business leaders, but I have a feeling that I have been entrusted with a special mission, and I do not take the magnitude of this responsibility lightly. I am proud to lead a team of people with rich experience. For the colleagues I have in GCBL, no task is too difficult, so in the end, the result will not be missed as we emerge as the leading organization for businesses and professionals in the world. The greatest pleasure I can share at the moment is seeing the results of good teamwork, working well for others, encouraging innovation, creativity,and caring for the weaker, for all those for whom we simply have to if we want to be a just society.

Where do you get inspiration for the activity you do ?

Inspiration for actions is a state of mind associated with perception, based on acquired know ledge and previous experiences, as well as the desire for a new, better, bright future.
What are your current projects ? 
My biggest project is the further development of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders(GCBL). Of course, it is not the only one. As a senior advisor, I am also involved in the STP project in the area of North Macedonia. It is a state-of-the-art technology project that can serve as a model for similar projects around the world. But of course, as I said, the development of GCBL and the Young Business Leaders program, which we introduced only recently and is already showing great results, is currently my first project.Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL)

Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL) 

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