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Paul L. Gunn. Jr

Paul L Gunn, Jr. has built a career around procurement, logistics, and supply chain. His impressive track record in this domain is evidenced by the firms he has owned and their flawless delivery performance records. Some of his noteworthy capabilities include: consulting, training and project management, implementing quality management systems, and technology solutions for global organizations leading cross-functional teams in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and America. He is also a proven leader in lifecycle and business process management.

Paul has taken an active role in all the firms he has owned, including KUOG Corporation, and as such, he leverages his preferred servant leadership style and SME to drive all project phases from proposal generation to planning and execution. Notably, Mr. Gunn previously led one of his firm’s largest Quality Management System implementation projects for highly visible DoD end users. Under his leadership KUOG Corporation reached #273 on Inc’s Fastest

Growing Privately held firms in 2021. Mr. Gunn is a USA Today and WSJ Best Selling Author and he consults regularly on Empathy in business. His new book Succeed The Right Way: What Every Compassionate Businessperson Should Know is based on the concepts he consults with on empathy in business. It is now available for pre order.

His previous firm was listed as one Inc’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Firms at #67. Mr. Gunn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Georgia State University and a Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

He is also a Founder of Watertusk Corporation. His Articles can be found on Inc, Entrepreneur, Forbes and others such as Bizpreneur Middle East.

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Prof.Dr. Hossam El-Shazly

Prof.Dr. Hossam El-Shazly is a Distinguished Scholar, Serial Entrepreneur, an Unconventional Strategist, Senior Politician, and a Disruptive Innovator. He is the current elected President of Cambridge Corporate University, the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 & 2018, and the Former CEO of the CPI International Group; an International organisation that hosts seven companies with activities in corporate education, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, healthcare and blockchain industries and with offices and operation in 19 countries.

Dr.El-Shazly is the chief architect of the story of success of the CPI international group. Growing the firm from a middle-sized Swiss pharmaceutical company with a small corporate training centre in 2000 to a global giant group with forecasted activities of two billion Swiss Francs in 2016 with a broad network of leading industry and business partners worldwide.

Professor ElShazly is the Principle Founder of the Corporate Education Curriculum at Cambridge Corporate University with the primary focus on specialised advanced industry graduate degrees such as the MBA-PIM, the first graduate degree with a major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management offered worldwide. The MBA-PIM became the hub of study and training for international pharmaceutical organisations, including the top-ranked ones.

He is also one of the leading developers of Postgraduate Change Management Programs, Innovation System studies and degrees at CCU. After being elected as the CCU President in July 2020,

he led an unprecedented expansion and business transformation strategy that enabled CCU to reach students in more than 25 countries worldwide. Prof.El-Shazly is also the leading developer of the SUPERHUMAN Concept & Project at CCU, where new futuristic degrees are currently offered, including the MBA in Digital Transformation and the Master of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Management.

Dr.El-Shazly is one of the known political figures & thought leaders in Egypt. Based on his superior international experience as a Strategist, Change expert and Political & Economic Adviser, he played a significant role in shaping public opinion after the 25th January revolution of 2011.

Dr. ElShazlyis the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 & 2018. He regularly appears in known TV-talk-show & Programs in different Languages, and his political and economic articles are widely admired by field specialists. He has an outstanding record as an international negotiator with first class experience in managing global partnerships, running and managing multilevel alliance negotiations with partners, agencies, distributors and principles in different cultures.

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Grand Prince Thiago Lamont Couto de Chandos

Grand Prince Thiago Lamont Couto de Chandos

Thiago I of Normandy (French: Jacques I de Normandie, British English: James I of Normandy, German: Jakob I der Normandie, Russian: Яков I Нормандский, Italian: Giacomo della Normandia; born 12 March 1991), is the blood heir to the first English and French kings of the Angevin Empire, Carolingian dynasty, Merovingian dynasty, Royal Dynasty of Gwynedd, Royal House of Troy, Yngling Dynasty, Capetian dynasty, Plantagenet dynasty, Rurik dynasty and Munsöätten dynasty, and he bears, as a royal title, the prefix “Grand Prince” with the style of Imperial Highness; as a cadet member of the branch of the llustrious Royal House of MacDonnell Lamont Couto d’ Chandos and Royal House of Neustria and Angevin which formerly ruled the Angevin Empire, England and France, is one of the last descendants by bloodlines and royal laws of Robert II of France and consequently inherited the title of prince of blood (in French: Prince du sang), official title of the ancient French monarchy from 1527, which was attributed, by the king, to the prince of blood situated just after the “Sons of France” (in French: Fils de France) and the “Grandsons of France” (in French: Petits-fils): Petits-fils de France), according to the fundamental laws of the kingdom, among these fundamental laws, the Salic law excluded women from the succession, which gave particular importance to the princes of the blood of France, who legitimately descended from the Capetian Dynasty, also called the House of France – only the agnatic descendants of Hugues Capet were called to the succession. According to the “Legitimist” faction of French royalists, all male descendants of Hugh Capet in the legitimate male line are dynasts of the Kingdom of France, a fact which legitimises the dynastic sovereignty of Thiago I of Normandy on a cultural and historical level, protected by the United Nations.

Thiago I of Normandy is an awarded diplomat, journalist, businessman, shareholder in large companies around the world,  global head of compliance, Governance & Risk, Master of International Law – LLM, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Registered at is the European Commission’s knowledge sharing platform for International Cooperation and Development and at United Nations UNGM Number: 700418, chief compliance office of the Illustrious Royal House of MacDonnell Lamont Couto d’ Chandos®, The Knights of the Lord Lamont Couto®, Sovereign Order UK®, Military Order Templar Knights of the Lord Lamont Couto®, The Ancient Kingdom of Neustria® and Royal House of Neustria®, Member of the IFJ International Press (IPC) – International Federation of Journalist

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Dr. Raphael Nagel 2022

Dr. Raphael Nagel

Founder and Chairman

A renowned Global Investor, Lobbyist, Author, and Philanthropist. General Manager of a multi-award winning Private Equity firm based in Dubai. Financial Services CEO of the Year – UAE 2020

A man of his time, Raphael Nagel is a renowned investor, author, professor, a lobbyist and a philanthropist.

Dr. Nagel grew up in a family where the environment revolves around investments and business.  His late father was an Executive Director in a bank before he set up his own Real Estate Company.“

I’ve always believed that by using economic knowledge I could transform the world into a little better place”, he said.

As a General Manager of Tactical Management, which involved in shared value projects.  He is creating positive economic results by doing ethical and social investments.  Seeing huge opportunities in several sectors around the globe, Dr. Nagel is one of example of humble investors, he built a social housing project in South America and received an agricultural land as payment which has an option to be converted into an urban land.  Working this way, he was able to create social wellbeing for the population and plus, created also a lucrative economic results for his investors.

The first project he had in Dubai was in 2001 but only in 2017 when he finally decided to live and settle in Dubai.  Living in Dubai is extremely amazing, safe and easy. He never had any issues of being a Jew living in this multi-cultural country with diverse beliefs, thanks to the visionary leaders of the land for fostering tolerance in this country.

Before devoting himself to business and entrepreneurship, Dr. Nagel’s  academic background in Economics and Law has been forged in university centres in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.

His tireless entrepreneurial spirit has led him to chair the Board of The Abrahamic Business Circle, which he founded from the concept inspired by the Abrahamic Family House, a beacon of mutual understanding, harmonious coexistence and peace among people of faith and goodwill.   At the later part, it became a reality just after the signing of the Abraham Accords peace agreement. 

The Abrahamic Business Circle (The Circle) is an innovative global interfaith business dialogue forum based in the United Arab of Emirates.  The Circle is a business organization composed of high-profile level individuals from around the world sharing the same vision and dreams in fostering economic peace through business and trade throughout the region.

The signing of the Abraham Accords Agreement mid of September 2020 in Washington DC between Israel, UAE and Bahrain.  Which was followed after by Morocco and Sudan.  It means that the normalization of the relations between formerly hostile Arab countries and Israel is increasingly taking hold.  Those accords are the building blocks for a lasting pacification of countries which were mired in mutually dislike for most of their past.  However, it is the deep conviction of the founders of The Circle and their members that peace can only thrive if economic prosperity comes along with normalization.

And this is exactly are the mission of The Circle sets in.

·  The Circle aspires to establish a business platform as well as platform for dialogue and exchange of business related views.

· The Circle wants to stimulate trade and deals among the nations and business leaders involved.

· The Circle also reaches out to involve other regions like Asia, Africa, Europe and USA since they will truly benefit from peace and prosperity not only in the Middle East region but also from investments in this region.

The organization sponsors business workshops throughout the year where members can meet, mingle, and generate business with each other, as well as an annual conference that will generate massive business opportunities for businessmen looking for potential investments, joint ventures, to buy and sell companies, to raise capital, distribution channel and new clients.

Amongst other relevant activities, he is an active member of the Scientific Committee of the Chair in Security at the Andorra’s Universitat Europea. Additionally, he is the co-founder of a Spanish investment bank specialised on cross-border transactions and debt restructuring. In 2016, he went above and beyond the call of duty to help others and he founded a Charity Trust in order to combat the social exclusion caused by over-indebtedness and give support to basic overall financial education and awareness.

Despite of his many occupations, he found the time to author and edit several books on highly relevant issues such as Economics and Geopolitics. One of his famous and highly acclaimed books is the Turbocapitalism:  the masters of bankcruptcy (Kant Ediciones, Spain-2017). A work in which the author proposes a change to achieve a system that manages to civilize capitalism from personal ethics. The latest book, Riding the Wild Tiger – Covid 19, Challenges and Opportunities.  A contemporary setting of his views and thoughts on how we all can overcome the unknown challenges.  A must-read guide not only for entrepreneurs but also for those avid readers who love joyful books and firmly believe that the amazing world we live in must be constantly rediscovered. Over the years, Mr. Nagel has been an energetic member of various important working groups as well as Senior Advisor to major companies, both within and beyond Europe. Highly reputed as an Independent  Consultant on Economic Policy, throughout his long career he has advised a number of public bodies and Governments all over the world always aiming towards global excellence.

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Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson

A Successful Businessman

Kevin Wilson is many things.  To name a few, he is a husband, father, martial artist, business owner and author.  Through strategies and principles he has learned and initiated, he has also become a self-made millionaire.  His passion now is to teach others about the secret of money, and how to “Choose To Be Wealthy.”  Read on to get a glimpse of his story.

Kevin is a 6th degree black belt and was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2006 and 2014. He is a martial arts instructor and has owned and taught at his school since 1997 (www.pmaks.com),  Kevin worked in theater management for many years while attending Washburn University in Topeka, KS.  In 2000, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  After graduation, Kevin decided to go into business for himself.  He and some partners started a small surgical staffing Company to help assist short staffed O.R.’s meet their staffing needs.  While this was very hard work, it was a tremendous learning experience.  After growing the Company, which included implementing a nationally accredited Surgical First Assistant Curriculum, acquiring Venture Capital investment, and expanding the services to multiple States, Kevin and his partners decided to sell their Company around the time of their 10 year anniversary.

When he still owned the Company, one of the largest areas of focus for Kevin centered around budgeting, finance, and cash flow.  He knew that this was absolutely critical to the Company’s success and sustainability.  While studying this importance in his Company, he realized that there was a significant void in his personal financial strength. In 2003, (with a calculated net worth of negative $ 14,000.00) he and his wife sat down and set a 10 year goal to have a net worth of $ 1,000,000.00.  In 2013, with the strategies they implemented, they reached their goal and are still going strong.

Since the sale of his Company he has been fortunate to stay at home with his very young children.  With his wife working only 3 days a week, they have been able to have a very good family life.  Kevin has been under increasing pressure to share the formula of his financial success.  He has formulated different programs to help others define and realize their own financial goals.  With his children getting older and his passion growing stronger, he is now committed to helping others financially succeed. 

Kevin has been formalizing his programs, concepts, and strategies for many years, but has still kept them to himself and select individuals.  This has not been out of selfishness, but rather because he wants 100% success from people that he works with.  He has now dotted his “i’s” and crossed his “t’s” in order to bring to you the absolute best program on improving and teaching personal finance.  Many people’s financial struggles have been the result of a lack of education through no fault of their own.  Kevin feels that if he can do this, then anyone can, and his passion now is to show you how!  Learn more about Kevin Wilson at www.KevinWilsonConnection.org and more about his book and “YOUniversity” – what they forgot to teach YOU in school – at www.DifficultyDemon.com.

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Mr. Moataz Kandil

Moataz Kandil

Dubai Green Fund

Mr. Kandil is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Green Fund. He brings over 24 years of experience in Investment Banking and Private Equity, with in-depth knowledge of the MENA and the GCC financial markets. He led and concluded many multi-jurisdictional financing, private equity, M&A and venture capital deals worth billions of dollars across a diverse range of sectors.

Prior to joining DGF, Moataz was the Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Group Holding – a DIFC based private investment group focused on real estate, retail, education and sports in MENA and Europe. Previously, Moataz was the Chief Executive Officer for HC Securities & Investment (DIFC), a leading investment bank in MENA and a former affiliate of Morgan Stanley in the Middle East.

Moataz held various senior positions. He was formerly the Chief Investment Officer of Al Qudra Holding in Abu Dhabi – a multi-billion dollar general investment group. Moataz also served as the Head of Private Equity of Noor Bank; and as VP Private Equity at Global Investment House in Kuwait.

Moataz holds an MBA from London Business School with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. He is also a Chartered Management Accountant in the UK and the USA.

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H.E Tomasz Zaleski

Tomasz Zaleski

Influential Leader in the Arab World

His Excellency Tomasz Zaleski is the of the Royal Office of the United Arab Emirates  and one of the most influential leaders in the Arab world. With his connections to  various administrators ranging from politicians, humanitarian and Sheikhs, his  excellency has broadened his horizons globally creating positive change and integrity  in all of his endeavors. Though who is the man you may ask behind the royal office  inspiring so much morality and rectitude.

“Tomasz” is a humble personality known for his participation in charity initiatives  including missions on the African continent along with his team of Royal advisors that  he has personally appointed to guide him throughout this journey.

His charitable work has improved countless lives and touched so many souls to strive  out and replicate his honorable conduct.

His excellency Tomasz Zaleski is the perfect staple member of parliament we as a  society want to see represent us today.During his first months as chairman of the  board, the Royal office has welcomed a number of international investors. As a result  of this, business has risen significantly. His excellency has completely diversified and  turned the royal office into the prestigious and receptive organization it is today.

He growth of business at the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al  Qassimi was a result of a very well planned strategy. That strategy being perfectly  administered by non-other than his excellency.

Serving through the leadership of the blessed Al Maktoum, ruling family of Dubai and  His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi, His Excellency Tomasz Zaleski is  connected to the rulers of the UAE and his humility has lead him to guide thousands  of business and political leaders worldwide. He is a true mogul and his dignity and  morality are a perfect reflection of all his successful ventures.

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H.E Adnan Al Noorani

H.E Adnan Al Noorani

A personality with inspiring power

The Private Office and a Group of Companies of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi has been established in 2010 and together with H.E Adnan Al Noorani has grown rapidly as one of the most influential organizations in the UAE with connections and guidance surpassing the boundaries of GCC into a well-renowned corporate entity.

H.E Adnan Al Noorani is a personality who stands out for his creative way and ability to orient all types of businesses in a common change, offering the possibility of expanding the criteria in the market.  His excellence has always brought to the attention of the public, the strategy and efficiency of the success, on a broad characteristic basis to attract investors in many countries around the world.  The selective and strict nature of H.E Adnan Al Noorani, has always promoted professional conscience, as a result of human purpose and above all in full commitment to big challenges.  The ideal and objective strength of a diplomatic character holds the priority of a major global change under the signature of His Excellency H.E Adnan Al Noorani.

We understand the Business Landscape of the region

We continuously research the market pursuing promising business ventures in various sectors. The short listed ventures undergo the process of project identification and evaluation.

Once the business plan evaluation phase in concluded and the project has been approved for investments, the business execution phase starts. At this stage, our experienced team provides management consultancy and strategic solutions to ensure a successful market entry and sustainable revenue stream.

On projects which are not within our preferred industry sectors or which do not meet our investment criteria, we still add value by leveraging on our wide network of contacts in the region, where we assist businesses in obtaining strategic and investment partners, hence acting as a catalyst, providing the link between the right people, ideas, knowledge and resources to bring about the strongest possible outcome.

The Letter from the Chairman of the BoardTogether with Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, we have grown into a formidable force across diversified sectors throughout the MENA region.
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stated:“We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development.”

Supporting this vision, we invest and partner with entrepreneurial disruptors, companies committed to exploring human ingenuity. If you feel aligned with our mission and want to expand your product or service into the MENA region, we look forward to hearing from you.

With over fifty investments and various partner companies from our 22 international offices, we have developed consistently alongside Dubai, over the last 10 years. Over the past three decades, the United Arab Emirates has transformed its economy, infrastructure, and governmental regulations to become one of the fastest growing international hub linking East with West.

H.E Adnan Al Noorani

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Mauricio Sulaimán Saldivar 2021

Mauricio Sulaimán Saldivar

President of the World Boxing CouncilMauricio was born on December 30, 1969 in Mexico City, Federal District, the youngest son of José Sulaiman Chagnon and Martha Saldivar Morales. Brother of Jose, Lucy, Hector, Fernando and Claudia.
A man passionate about music and sports, who from childhood followed in the footsteps of his father Don Jose Sulaiman, the man who taught him to serve others.
He graduated in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Estado de Mexico.

His academic achievements include two more specialties, a diploma in finance and another in High Responsibility Management by the Association of Presidents from America.

Mauricio was President and CEO of Empresa Controles Gráficas, a manufacturing company with three business divisions: printing, security and digital solutions. In 1992 the WBC appointed Mauricio Director of Public Relations and 1994 he was elected Vice President of the North American Boxing Federation (NABF).
In 2004 he took on the responsibility of Executive Secretary of the World Boxing Council. On February 12, 2014, he was unanimously elected President of the World Boxing Council.

During his time as head of the organization, Mauricio has worked, guided by the multitude of values and principles that his father taught him in more than 38 years at the head of the WBC, including honesty, responsibility, respect, loyalty, solidarity and the invaluable gift of friendship.

Throughout his presidency, Mauricio has created and shaped various initiatives, such as amateur and professional tournaments, active participation in social and reintegration programs, promotion of women’s boxing with the organization of three conventions, monitoring of the “Jose Sulaiman” Fund helping boxers in need, creation of special belts to commemorate classic fights, plus seminars for judges and referees all around the world.

Also and significantly, the creation of the Clean Boxing Program (CBP) in collaboration and cooperation with VADA, which has as its main objective, apart from the tests, to comprehensively educate athletes about the dangers and disadvantages that doping can cause, in addition to the penalties in testing positive for prohibited substances, inside or outside of a competition.
Another important action developed by Mauricio, is full cooperation with the foundation of Pope Francis, Scholas Occurrentes, with the task of serving children in search of a better future, regardless of religion, race or color, through sports, as well as the pardon granted to Jack Johnson, the first African American heavyweight champion, by the President of the United States.

This year has been an exacting challenge for everyone, and sport like many other aspects of daily life, suffered a grievous blow. The COVID-19 Pandemic put everyone’s resilience to the test, but the organization led by Mr. Sulaimán, sought, as has always been the WBC way, to remain active, encourage and to unite the entire boxing family, and since the beginning of the pandemic, he undertook several key actions.

Starting with the “Stay at Home” campaign, later with practices with champions involving fans to add to the #WBCworkout, so we could all safely stay active. Daily talks known as WBC talks in English and Spanish from Monday to Friday, enabling the boxing and sports community to remain connected, entertained and above all active.

Likewise, the organization designed a medical-administrative protocol to return to boxing without fan attendance, so that events could be safely carried out. This document, which led the way, was shared throughout the world and has been very successful in all continents.
Various social responsibility activities were developed by delivering and providing aid to support the boxing community, especially older people who cannot leave their homes.

“Heroes for Humanity” was one of the most important initiatives, as it seeks to recognize and praise those who from different fronts, who selflessly placed themselves in the forefront, by contributing to their communities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, via extraordinary and courageous initiatives and actions.

For this vital purpose, in each country, a hero is recognized with a scale replica of the WBC Mazahua-Otomí belt.
All of these actions have helped tremendously during the pandemic, and being a man who not only leads the most important organization of Boxing, namely the WBC, but is at the forefront of service to others has led Mauricio to win the 2020 National Sports Award in the category of “Promotion, Protection and Impulse,” an award that he will receive on November 20 from the hands of the President of the Mexican Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

It is important to mention and to remember that five years ago, posthumously, Mauricio`s father, Don José Sulaiman was also honored with this recognition, as he was and always will be a promoter and inspirational pioneering leader, who took boxing to another level into the modern era, always prioritizing the health, protection and well being of the boxers.

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H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani 2021

H.E Laila Rahhal El Atfani

President & Founder – Business Gate

H.E Laila is an inspiring personality who has influenced the transformation of designs on the selective strategy of the international marketing industry.  She has contributed to various campaigns involving the high level of professionalism on social factors, human engagement and providing security of international cooperation in the financial & social sector. The passion of Mrs. Laila has shown the freedom of leadership in different dimensions of human relations as an element of concretizing her success over diplomatic relations. H.E Laila has shown that achievements are a mandatory form to attract the activity of each social category that approves new initiatives in the conduct of the international market.  The pool of power is rooted in the rationale for many proposals that mediate specific programs to stimulate creative market opportunities and unprecedented development on social welfare objectives. Mrs.  Laila remains a strong and contributing voice especially for women as well as a prominent personality in sustainable and effective entrepreneurship.

H.E Laila Rahhal EL Atfani achivements :

President of World Economic Platform

‏International Ambassador of Peace and Tolerance

Secretary General

‏FAAVM Canadian (NGO non profit organization)

President of UYC

‏United Youth Circuit

Vice President of WYS

World youth Summit

Special Advisor to the President of the Arab African Council for Integration and Development / AACID

‏Director of International diplomatic Relations and integration and Development of the Council. (NGO non profit organization)

Vice President of the Voice Magazine

Middle East

Fonder and President Of business Gate
‏International Business Development Opening doors for investors
‏With Global network


We are Business Developer, we connect you to others and help you for trading & franchising, financing.

Vice-President of Diva Production company in USA

‏Head of African affaires and Zone Director and Representative office in Africa and Middle East for the chamber of commerce Brazilian African Moroccan

President of women empowerment and international Relations

‏(non profits association)

Vice President of REFAI

‏(NGO non profit organization)

Director of international Diplomacy Relation ISEF Holding – Switzerland

Head of diplomacy and protocol of WPC

Secretary General of the Asian countries of the Union of Arab intellectuals