Grand Prince Thiago Lamont Couto de Chandos

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Grand Prince Thiago Lamont Couto de Chandos

Thiago I of Normandy (French: Jacques I de Normandie, British English: James I of Normandy, German: Jakob I der Normandie, Russian: Яков I Нормандский, Italian: Giacomo della Normandia; born 12 March 1991), is the blood heir to the first English and French kings of the Angevin Empire, Carolingian dynasty, Merovingian dynasty, Royal Dynasty of Gwynedd, Royal House of Troy, Yngling Dynasty, Capetian dynasty, Plantagenet dynasty, Rurik dynasty and Munsöätten dynasty, and he bears, as a royal title, the prefix “Grand Prince” with the style of Imperial Highness; as a cadet member of the branch of the llustrious Royal House of MacDonnell Lamont Couto d’ Chandos and Royal House of Neustria and Angevin which formerly ruled the Angevin Empire, England and France, is one of the last descendants by bloodlines and royal laws of Robert II of France and consequently inherited the title of prince of blood (in French: Prince du sang), official title of the ancient French monarchy from 1527, which was attributed, by the king, to the prince of blood situated just after the “Sons of France” (in French: Fils de France) and the “Grandsons of France” (in French: Petits-fils): Petits-fils de France), according to the fundamental laws of the kingdom, among these fundamental laws, the Salic law excluded women from the succession, which gave particular importance to the princes of the blood of France, who legitimately descended from the Capetian Dynasty, also called the House of France – only the agnatic descendants of Hugues Capet were called to the succession. According to the “Legitimist” faction of French royalists, all male descendants of Hugh Capet in the legitimate male line are dynasts of the Kingdom of France, a fact which legitimises the dynastic sovereignty of Thiago I of Normandy on a cultural and historical level, protected by the United Nations.

Thiago I of Normandy is an awarded diplomat, journalist, businessman, shareholder in large companies around the world,  global head of compliance, Governance & Risk, Master of International Law – LLM, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Registered at is the European Commission’s knowledge sharing platform for International Cooperation and Development and at United Nations UNGM Number: 700418, chief compliance office of the Illustrious Royal House of MacDonnell Lamont Couto d’ Chandos®, The Knights of the Lord Lamont Couto®, Sovereign Order UK®, Military Order Templar Knights of the Lord Lamont Couto®, The Ancient Kingdom of Neustria® and Royal House of Neustria®, Member of the IFJ International Press (IPC) – International Federation of Journalist

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