Prof.Dr. Hossam El-Shazly

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Prof.Dr. Hossam El-Shazly is a Distinguished Scholar, Serial Entrepreneur, an Unconventional Strategist, Senior Politician, and a Disruptive Innovator. He is the current elected President of Cambridge Corporate University, the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 & 2018, and the Former CEO of the CPI International Group; an International organisation that hosts seven companies with activities in corporate education, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, healthcare and blockchain industries and with offices and operation in 19 countries.

Dr.El-Shazly is the chief architect of the story of success of the CPI international group. Growing the firm from a middle-sized Swiss pharmaceutical company with a small corporate training centre in 2000 to a global giant group with forecasted activities of two billion Swiss Francs in 2016 with a broad network of leading industry and business partners worldwide.

Professor ElShazly is the Principle Founder of the Corporate Education Curriculum at Cambridge Corporate University with the primary focus on specialised advanced industry graduate degrees such as the MBA-PIM, the first graduate degree with a major in Pharmaceutical Industry Management offered worldwide. The MBA-PIM became the hub of study and training for international pharmaceutical organisations, including the top-ranked ones.

He is also one of the leading developers of Postgraduate Change Management Programs, Innovation System studies and degrees at CCU. After being elected as the CCU President in July 2020,

he led an unprecedented expansion and business transformation strategy that enabled CCU to reach students in more than 25 countries worldwide. Prof.El-Shazly is also the leading developer of the SUPERHUMAN Concept & Project at CCU, where new futuristic degrees are currently offered, including the MBA in Digital Transformation and the Master of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care Management.

Dr.El-Shazly is one of the known political figures & thought leaders in Egypt. Based on his superior international experience as a Strategist, Change expert and Political & Economic Adviser, he played a significant role in shaping public opinion after the 25th January revolution of 2011.

Dr. ElShazlyis the Former Presidential Candidate of Egypt 2012 & 2018. He regularly appears in known TV-talk-show & Programs in different Languages, and his political and economic articles are widely admired by field specialists. He has an outstanding record as an international negotiator with first class experience in managing global partnerships, running and managing multilevel alliance negotiations with partners, agencies, distributors and principles in different cultures.

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