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Navigating You To A Brighter Future !

Olivia Hepburn’s Message :

As a Certified Neuro-Transformational coach, Qualified Teacher/Mentor and Certified Professional Speaker my avid passion for ‘transformational education’ includes confidence and  life skills to inspire young people to Dream Big, have Hope, set goals to challenge, empower, elevate them to achieve their best self and  is  electrifying.  It’s a thrill to see their faces when they get a result or an award for achievement they thought alluded them totally, those who know me – knows better than to give up !


My passion and commitment at The P.E.N Consultancy is to reduce the notion of schools being a pipeline to prison for young people.  We advocate with empathy to help people navigate a positive route forward in their lives, to overcome obstacles  get to grips with communication, talk when feeling hurt,  operate with confidence all part of education.  Building currency for an exemplary life with knowledge, financial skills; understanding so that they learn to make informed value choice growing up. I aim to elevate Fifty Thousand young leaders of tomorrow within the next 5 years with the ability and mind-set to succeed. ‘Each one Teaches One’ culture and with my collaborative partners we will help COACHABLE 2nd chancers as a result of their trust in the work I do with them.  So I am building a community of Parents and Guardianship crucial for communication, building accountability boundaries needed to encourage, engage and create a positive roadmap for bespoke achievements.
The Path ForwardWe believe in aiming high with clearly defined goals with achievable responsibilities.  With a renowned reputation for empowering and motivating young people, members of the community, including young offenders to gain a winning mind-set they can  improve or achieve what they felt impossible or out of reach ….YES WE CAN.

 I understand the difficulties of peer and economic pressures, distractions which can debilitate progress of today’s young people but I encourage you to Stay focused on the potential prize, the outcome. Characters are formed in the Valley.  The mayhem we have now will pass, it has to, so take action, think about the path ahead.  

Join me and the community to reclaim our young people from pipelines to prison, derailments negative school reports, failed grades, with the current crisis.Let Empower *Engage *Educate * Elevate  “Positive Education Navigator “

About Olivia Hepburn;Olivia’s experience and passion for creating a brighter future for disadvantaged kids shines through in every interaction – whether it’s on stage delivering presentations to large groups or in smaller consulting projects, or even in one on one coaching. Olivia has seen It all and has an arsenal  in her toolbox to help affect change for her clients.  If you have an opportunity to work with her, seize it !

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