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Born in the family of artists, Tanmay Sharma has been an artist by heart throughout. Art has been his passion. He is a corporate trainer, Leadership coach, Advertising & Personal Branding Consultant, self-taught interior decorator & artist, freelance author, and a mythology freak.

Tanmay started his career with the manufacturing and export of interior décor artefacts by the organisation named Aesthetics International, which he established in 2003. Tanmay diversified Aesthetics International into a conglomerate by diversifying into various verticals. Today his organisation is working into more than 40 verticals and has its presence in 25 countries. 

Currently he is the founder of:

• Aesthetics International University, an online platform for certificate courses

• Aesthetics International Film Festival, having films registered from more than 8 countries.

• Aesthetics Fashion and Design Expo, the most premium fashion, lifestyle and luxury exhibition since 2012.

• Aesthetics International Music and Dance Festival.

• Aesthetics Exclusives, a manufacturing and export unit for artefacts, handicrafts, paintings, wall décor, landscape products, and personalised gifts.

• Aesthetics Events & Creative Entertainment.

• Aesthetics Advertising & Media.

• Aesthetics Fashion perspective.

• Aesthetics Youth leadership forum and awards.

• Aesthetics International Leadership Summits, having participation from more than 14 countries every year.

• Aesthetics International Education and Cultural Exchange Program.

• Aesthetics International Fashion week.

• Aesthetics International Coffee Table Books.

• Aesthetics Prime, an online entertainment channel.

Tanmay has a global corporate vision. According to him entrepreneurship development is the need of society and can be achieved through networking, collaborations and communications. In order to strength this, Tanmay established two global organisations – Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industries ( ACCI ) and Global Forum for Business Networking ( GFBN ). These organisations are providing excellent networking opportunities to its members so that they could develop their network with Government officials, diplomats and other, leading names from all spheres of life through business development and exchange, trade shows and exhibitions, startup support, training programs etc.

Tanmay is a voracious reader. He has a personal library of more than 5000 books. He is the founder and editor of Aesthetics International Times and Aesthetics City Review, online newspapers having their presence and reach in more than 30 countries and having four global editions. He is the founder and editor of Aesthetics International Magazine, a quarterly international fashion and lifestyle magazine and Aesthetics International Business & Education Connect, a global magazine dedicated to business and educational developments worldwide.

Tanmay gives a lot to the society. His community service endeavours are globally appreciated. He is the Founder and President of Aesthetics Foundation and General Secretary of Chitrashilp Fine Arts Society. Both organisations are non-profit and non-government organisations working in various projects of community service. The major projects started by Tanmay are:

• Cancer survivors development program

• The pink ribbon  – A breast cancer awareness initiative 

• Specially abled kinds development program.

• Women empowerment.

• Promotion of Indian Art & Culture.

Tanmay is currently branding and promoting various corporates and individuals. He stresses upon personal branding a lot. According to Tanmay.

“Brand Yourself First and whatever you do is automatically Branded’

According to his clients, Tanmay takes approximately three months to develop a brand globally and he has proved this numerous times, with various clients.

Tanmay is a freelance author by passion. He writes on numerous topics. He is the editor and the co-author of a leadership book series – ‘The Innovative Indian’. His solo books are also on the way on Business collaborations and Branding. He is also writing his first mythological fiction novel titled ‘Water of Life’ and will be launched in December 2020 or early January 2021. 

Tanmay holds an exclusive brand of wooden hand painted jewellery. All designs are single piece editions designed by Tanmay himself.

Tanmay has received a lot of international honours.

He has been awarded with the prestigious international black Blazer Award 2020 by CD Wilson Events, California, USA.

He is the Goodwill Ambassador of Sovereign Order of the Mystic Knights of St. Mary’s Magdalene Inc.

He is the Ambassador ( India Chapter ) for Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, United Kingdom.

He has been awarded by Distinguished Award of Recognition by International Youth Business Communities.

He has been awarded as the outstanding person for spreading the message of cancer awareness by The Human Rights Council of America, Chicago, USA.

Tanmay is coming up with his unique talk show – ‘Creative Craftsmanship’ very soon on his online channel Aesthetics Prime.  

Tanmay has developed 10 Global Transforming Pillars of Aesthetics Foundations, and they form the basis of highly motivated work culture in the entire Aesthetics International Organisation.

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