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Be exactly who you were meant to be

2020 began and my life would never be the same!  I was blessed to travel “across the pond” to my very first encounter with an event bigger than myself.  I received a “World Greatness Award, from Professor Patrick Businge and the Greatness University!  I not only attended an amazing event, but I was also introduced to Diplomacy Training and that’s where I met my mentor Dr. Clyde Rivers.  I became a Civility Ambassador in April of 2020 and I can now truly say I am a world changer!  The story below is my contribution to my second book collaboration and part of a bestselling project.

“If you are who everyone wants you to be, who will be you?”  This was the question posed to me by my coach in 2016.  It’s an invaluable question and I think everybody should ask themselves this every now and then to ensure that they are on track with who they would like to be. You see, the more you seek to be others, the more you miss out on who you are and what you have to offer the world.   

In 2015 after years of searching for ways of becoming the best version of myself, I came across Daniel Ally’s story and was inspired enough to drop him an email.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from him and this call was quite an eye opener. He asked me if I wanted to become a millionaire and told me I had to change my mind-set to change my reality. This was his condition for coaching me. I enrolled on his six month program but didn’t follow through with the requirements properly. Needless to say, success wasn’t happening at that point in time. 

Statistics show that 98% of people don’t achieve their goals, only 6% achieve their childhood dreams and 53% of young Americans give up on their dreams completely. It seemed I would fast be a statistic if I didn’t do anything about that fast.

My problem wasn’t that I didn’t want to rich. My problem was that I had resigned myself to an impoverished lifestyle and mindset which I was convinced was my lot in life. Work at the ministry was tiring and I was failing at the entrepreneurial efforts I was making within the ministry as well. I moved back home to live it “small” and to refocus and re-strategize. I was tired of living this way and I wanted time to come up with a new plan. 

I enrolled in the local SBA ambassador program which allowed me to enlist with a mentor and she was awesome!  I met with her once a week and each week I had homework to turn in. This lady assisted me in re-branding my name and obtaining liability insurance.  I absolutely loved going to talk to her and it was encouraging and enlightening.  I implemented the tools that she gave me and planned an event for Saturday, September 16, 201. I paid $150.00 for the venue and no one showed up.  I was devastated because I had done everything I was supposed to do including advertising the event properly and still no one attended.

I had to LEVEL up and so I joined the Les Brown Unlimited Team.  I enrolled into the Les Brown Unlimited Team because I wanted to surround myself with a tribe that believed in me, that would hold me accountable for the action steps in becoming the best version of myself and that would support and teach me how to tell my story. The Les Brown Team did this. I remember signing on, going through the orientation and then taking my first course which was Speak Your Way to Unlimited Wealth. I was and still am in awe of Les Brown and I knew immediately I was on the right track. I could feel that I was near breakthrough.

I completed this first course in two days. My new tribe on Facebook was congratulating me and I was overwhelmed with the kind of support I was receiving. I finally felt a sense of belonging and honestly sometimes that’s all someone needs to make their breakthrough.

I attended the Les Brown Certification event in April of 2018 and I discovered my “Power Voice” during that weekend.   I took the tools that I received that weekend and this time I have implemented them. 

I have learned that I am bigger than titles and anyone’s opinion. Since being a part of this tribe, I have joined a web series recently I was nominated for a best actor award.  I came home after the certification and signed on three clients. I have a definite date for an exit strategy from my current job and I have enrolled with a branding and marketing coach to help me establish my name and business.

My latest book project may or may not be in publication when this is released but it’s entitled, “Daddy Knows Best: What Every Boy Needs from his Dad.” This book project is about helping absent fathers to understand that they too are bigger than labels and it’s not too late to live their dreams.

I want to share a Les Brown quote to end my chapter here because I think many readers will resonate with it in the same way that I did. “Don’t let the opinions of others become your reality.” I had many titles in my past, but I want the world to understand that sometimes those titles mean nothing if you can’t get past them and live your dreams. I also want everyone to understand the power that coaching has to transform people and to help them find their purpose. I encourage everyone to find their coach and to live their dreams. Dr Ira Roach III

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