Gulf Technology System 2021

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Gulf Technology System

GTS (Gulf Technology System) is an Israeli company that specializes in integrating Israeli high-tech companies and countries and government bodies in the United Arab Emirates, in light of the new peace agreement and the normalization of relations between the countries.

The peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, which is expected to expand to other Gulf states, has in fact opened a window for business and commercial cooperation’s, which may provide fertile ground for the integration of valuable resources.

The Gulf states enjoy a huge natural resource, which is oil, while in Israel there is the human resource – world-class technological brains that gives It the prestigious nickname – ‘Start-Up Nation’.

What we at GTS offer to provide is not a connection between one office or another in the emirates and a particular high-tech company in Israel, we offer a system of the best techno- logical solutions in the world for the future of the Gulf countries

A not-too-distant future in which oil will no longer play a significant role in the world economy and with its decline or disappearance altogether, a new situation will emerge in which all existing money may soon disappear due to the lack of technological systems for living with out the “Black Gold”

These countries must now think about this future and prepare accordingly, also prepare in terms of upgrading all the systems and bringing them into the 21st century, whether it is agriculture in the middle of the desert, or advanced education and health systems, Or even security solutions to help preserve the sovereignty of those countries from foreign threats.

There is a lot of innovation in Israel, but also a huge need for budgets to fund research and development of innovative ideas. What we are proposing is to present to the various government ministries in the countries that have normalized relations with Israel – a series of advanced technological solutions to make the Gulf states advanced and self-sustaining the day after oil.

Also, because we deliver the projects in their entirety, you can also buy these solutions and sell to other countries that need the above promotion, thus producing for the Gulf countries a new industry – the technology project selling industry.

The founder of GTS, Samuel Shay, also heads the Israel-United Arab Emirates Business Forum, whose main goal is to turn the warm political relations between the countries into business ties between Emirates and Israelis.

We provide the creative ideas. We provide the most advanced technologies in the world, and the best minds that haveconceived them. We also provide training to locals who can operate the projects, while reducing dependence on foreign workers.

You provide the funding.

Let’s set out on a common path to securing the future of the United Arab Emirates.


We aim to establish an innovative technological future, which enables every country in the world to implement Israeli technologies in its their own domain, and thus improve and promote the quality of life of its citizenry. We mainly direct our vision to dilapidated, third-world countries in Africa, Asia and South America, while harbouring Israeli technological abilities and Gulf states finding. We feel that this technological and financial collaboration can be extremely effective in establishing new, successful projects, and in opening the door to every country in the world to join us and make use of our technologies for its own needs.

Thanks to the fruitful cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states, we now have the ability to design a new, healing future for planet earth, to successfully tackle the enormous challenges humanity in facing today in the fields of water, agriculture, energy and environmental quality, and to provide nourishment and quality of life to the entire human race.

The New Technological Future

The new technological future which can emerge as a result of the economic collaboration between Israel and the Gulf states is at this point in time extremely promising. In the past, every startup or technological innovations were measured by the future economic promise, and not by their technological present-time added value. Whenever a commercial initiative came to life, everybody wanted to know what its financial value is, but no one really asked about its technological break-through potential. As a result, all the venture capital firms which financed these initiatives always  focused on the startup’s ability to yield them top dollar.

The new collaboration between Israel and the Gulf states presents a different model, whose purpose is to use these new technologies to improve the quality of life in the Gulf, and later – in all other parts of the world, in order to enable technological, social and economic pro- motion and growth.

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