Dr. Raphael Nagel 2021

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Dr. Raphael Nagel

Founder and Chairman

A renowned Global Investor, Lobbyist, Author, and Philanthropist. General Manager of a multi-award winning Private Equity firm based in Dubai. Financial Services CEO of the Year – UAE 2020

A man of his time, Raphael Nagel is a renowned investor, author, professor, a lobbyist and a philanthropist.

Dr. Nagel grew up in a family where the environment revolves around investments and business.  His late father was an Executive Director in a bank before he set up his own Real Estate Company.

“I’ve always believed that by using economic knowledge I could transform the world into a little better place”, he said.

As a General Manager of Tactical Management, which involved in shared value projects.  He is creating positive economic results by doing ethical and social investments.  Seeing huge opportunities in several sectors around the globe, Dr. Nagel is one of example of humble investors, he built a social housing project in South America and received an agricultural land as payment which has an option to be converted into an urban land.  Working this way, he was able to create social wellbeing for the population and plus, created also a lucrative economic results for his investors.

The first project he had in Dubai was in 2001 but only in 2017 when he finally decided to live and settle in Dubai.  Living in Dubai is extremely amazing, safe and easy. He never had any issues of being a Jew living in this multi-cultural country with diverse beliefs, thanks to the visionary leaders of the land for fostering tolerance in this country. 

Before devoting himself to business and entrepreneurship, Dr. Nagel’s  academic background in Economics and Law has been forged in university centres in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.

His tireless entrepreneurial spirit has led him to chair the Board of The Abrahamic Business Circle, which he founded from the concept inspired by the Abrahamic Family House, a beacon of mutual understanding, harmonious coexistence and peace among people of faith and goodwill.   At the later part, it became a reality just after the signing of the Abraham Accords peace agreement. 

The Abrahamic Business Circle (The Circle) is an innovative global interfaith business dialogue forum based in the United Arab of Emirates.  The Circle is a business organization composed of high-profile level individuals from around the world sharing the same vision and dreams in fostering economic peace through business and trade throughout the region.

The signing of the Abraham Accords Agreement mid of September 2020 in Washington DC between Israel, UAE and Bahrain.  Which was followed after by Morocco and Sudan.  It means that the normalization of the relations between formerly hostile Arab countries and Israel is increasingly taking hold.  Those accords are the building blocks for a lasting pacification of countries which were mired in mutually dislike for most of their past.  However, it is the deep conviction of the founders of The Circle and their members that peace can only thrive if economic prosperity comes along with normalization.

And this is exactly are the mission of The Circle sets in.

·         The Circle aspires to establish a business platform as well as platform for dialogue and exchange of business related views.

·         The Circle wants to stimulate trade and deals among the nations and business leaders involved.

·         The Circle also reaches out to involve other regions like Asia, Africa, Europe and USA since they will truly benefit from peace and prosperity not only in the Middle East region but also from investments in this region.

The organization sponsors business workshops throughout the year where members can meet, mingle, and generate business with each other, as well as an annual conference that will generate massive business opportunities for businessmen looking for potential investments, joint ventures, to buy and sell companies, to raise capital, distribution channel and new clients.

Amongst other relevant activities, he is an active member of the Scientific Committee of the Chair in Security at the Andorra’s Universitat Europea. Additionally, he is the co-founder of a Spanish investment bank specialised on cross-border transactions and debt restructuring. In 2016, he went above and beyond the call of duty to help others and he founded a Charity Trust in order to combat the social exclusion caused by over-indebtedness and give support to basic overall financial education and awareness.

Despite of his many occupations, he found the time to author and edit several books on highly relevant issues such as Economics and Geopolitics. One of his famous and highly acclaimed books is the Turbocapitalism:  the masters of bankcruptcy (Kant Ediciones, Spain-2017). A work in which the author proposes a change to achieve a system that manages to civilize capitalism from personal ethics. The latest book, Riding the Wild Tiger – Covid 19, Challenges and Opportunities.  A contemporary setting of his views and thoughts on how we all can overcome the unknown challenges.  A must-read guide not only for entrepreneurs but also for those avid readers who love joyful books and firmly believe that the amazing world we live in must be constantly rediscovered.Over the years, Mr. Nagel has been an energetic member of various important working groups as well as Senior Advisor to major companies, both within and beyond Europe. Highly reputed as an Independent  Consultant on Economic Policy, throughout his long career he has advised a number of public bodies and Governments all over the world always aiming towards global excellence.

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